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Painting Question

Discussion in 'General Construction' started by mad_professor99, Oct 26, 2004.

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  1. mad_professor99

    mad_professor99 Elite Member

    I plan on painting Camille's new enclosure I am going to build in the middle of December. Obviously I wwill paint the wood LONG before construction, so to let out fumes and let it dry, but I have a question. What paints are good/bad for iguanas? Is there any specific kind of paint that would be a no-no?

    My current plan is for all the wood to be painted white, to go with the room, with the inside of the three walls to be painted leafy green, with the top foot or so being blue...creating that tree-top illusion. As a matter of fact, I am actually torn right now. I know I will be painting the majority of of the inside 3 walls leafy-like, but still don't know if I want to even have wood covering the top foot or so. You see, it will have a wooden roof, painted blue, because I want the lights to sit in their own compartment, so it looks nicer, with holes cut out underneath them, so their domes/shields will sit on the wood. I am not sure though if I want the top foot or so to be painted blue, or just open, so Camille can look out the nearby window, which will be located less than a foot away from her. My room is VERY boring during the day, and I'm positive she would enjoy looking at birds and such. So give me some input, will ya? Just remember to comment on the paint if you know, and also your thoughts on open or painted wood for the top foot...again, plans will be drawn up soon, so you'll know what I'm talking about. Thanks for your time, and have a great day...I'm off to work.
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    For the paint any waterbased acrylic is fine. To go the extra step you can look for paint designated for children's rooms. That is what I used. A couple of coats of polyurethane will help it to resist moisture.
    I would not leave the top open. They don't realy need to see outside and in fact birds and things moving past the window may actually stress them. It will also make it more difficult to keep the cage warm. Heat rises so most of the heat in the cage will go right out the top.
  3. mad_professor99

    mad_professor99 Elite Member

    Thanks Merlin...I didn't even think of kid's room paints. Good plan. And also, thanks for letting me know it would stress her out, being able to see outside and such. So it won't make her depressed if my room isn't exactly the most happening place to be? During the day, the door gets shut to keep the cats out of there...NOTHING moves but her all day until I get home. No problem? Or should I think about putting something in my room for her to focus on?
  4. CoolXterior

    CoolXterior New Member


    Always look for non-toxic paints/stains...I agree with an earlier post that kid's paint is great. When I painted my cage, I applied 1 coat of stain & 2 coats of water-based polyurethane to the exterior visible wood surfaces. On the inside surfaces, I applied 3 coats of water-based polyurethane to the walls and 4 coats to the floor. Hope this helps! :)
  5. Jem_Scout

    Jem_Scout Elite Member

    Why can't you use Bathroom paint? Doesn't that resist moisture better than childrens paint?
    Also- how do you polyurethane over the paint? How does it stick to the paint?
  6. Jem_Scout

    Jem_Scout Elite Member

    Put a small fish tank in your room with just a few fish for the Ig to watch. :)
    My Ig will sit in his cage and watch TV too, so maybe leave the TV on if you have one?
    Just a few suggestions....
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