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Pacman Frog Heating Questions

Discussion in 'Help *General*' started by agl017, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. agl017

    agl017 Member

    So, I just got a new pacman frog today. I have him in a 10 gallon tank with ecoearth substrate, lots of folliage, a suitable waterbowl, and a hide.

    I just have a question about heating. I currently have a infrared heat lamp (he's albino), and I'm getting a dimmer tomorrow. I've seen some mixed opinions on whether heatmats or lamps are better, so I was wondering if you guys think a lamp is fine. I do have a heatmat I could us, so it would be no problem if the lamp isn't a good idea. Thanks!
  2. Chrysanthemum

    Chrysanthemum Member

    I have never owned a pacman frog. But my experience with heat lamps is that they very quickly dry out the humidity almost down to nothing. Whereas a heat pad can help increase humidity if damp/wet substrate or a water bowl is over it. But heat pads also have the downside of not easily heating through substrate. So if he doesn't burrow down to the bottom, he might not get the proper heat.
  3. AmityReptiles

    AmityReptiles Well Established Member

    I prefer the lamp in this situation, pacman frogs burrow to hide and escape heat naturally, so having a heat pad would confuse this and possibly lead to a stressed or overheated frog.
    You will need to closely monitor your digital humidity guage (I hope you have one), and make sure the substrate stays moist.

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