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Pacman Frog Care

Discussion in 'Horned Frogs' started by Jay1718, Apr 3, 2017.

  1. Jay1718

    Jay1718 Established Member

    I have been debating on getting a pacman frog for a while now. I'm getting confused with the conflicting care sheets I have read. Some say the temps should be 85-75 degrees, while others are suggesting room temperature.
    I have read to use an uth on the side of the tank, and others saying to put it on the bottom of one side of the tank.
    Just confused on what the best practices are for these frogs.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Jsilverback64

    Jsilverback64 Established Member

    Putting a uth underneath with a thermostat is best for terrestrial frogs. But be sure to use a good thermostat as most uth units will get up to 120 degrees F. If you keep your house at 70+ then room temperature is fine the rest of the terrarium otherwise a low wattage light bulb should to the rest easily. Too much wattage will dry out the "swamp" too fast so it's best to keep it low as possible. As long as he can burrow down into substrate about 1/2- 3/4 his body he will be able to thermoregulate.
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  3. Jay1718

    Jay1718 Established Member

    Is it safe to run the uth off a thermostat from another enclosure, given the desired temp is the same for both enclosures. My thermostat has like 3 more unused outlets. I know thermostats aren't all that expensive but if I don't need to buy another one, I won't.
  4. Jsilverback64

    Jsilverback64 Established Member

    As long as it is set to the temp needed you can run however many units the thermostat can handle. A good way is heat tape if you have multiple units in one rack system or such. Just keep a good thermometer in both. As one tank may change different than the other or need more or less depending on locations and anything else. If both don't stay the same then you'll need a seperate thermostat. Ex could be the tank with out the direct prove from the thermostat in it could heat up much more. Or cool off without triggering the shut off or turn on. It's safe but may take some real fine tuning.
  5. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    And use an infrared temp gun to double check the template your getting. I run multiple layers in a snake rack all off the same t-stat, and it will work just fine so long as you are attentive.
  6. Jay1718

    Jay1718 Established Member

    Ok, thanks. I still have to play with the temps to make sure it will work. I'm in no rush, I just want to get the viv right for now

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