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Overturn the Python Ban!

Discussion in 'Burmese Pythons' started by Mechanthrix, Jan 21, 2012.

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    If this information is true, petitions don't mean a thing. Without donations to USARK, it is only going to get worse.

    "According to someone on a forum, this is not actually a bill. It's some kind of rule-making measure enacted by the USFWS which cannot be contested in the same manner a bill can. The only way to overturn it is by the USFWS's own accord or with by filing a lawsuit against them...:"

    "This was not a legislative process, by the way. It was not a bill submitted by congressmen and voted on.

    It was a 'rule making process' undertaken by the USFWS/USGS. They have a certain amount of latitude to create rules that then get applied to laws (such as the Lacey Act -as in this case) without any input from legislators. They have a few hoops to jump through to do it, but it's much easier to get things enacted that way. after the python bans died in congress, they opted for the 'rule making process' to circumvent the political process.

    The only way it could get reversed is if they did it themselves, or we filed suit against them under what's called the 'Information Quality Act', which basically says that when decisions like this are made, the evidence being used to support the decision must be able to stand up to a certain level of scrutiny.

    If that's the route we take, it will be a VERY long and VERY expensive process with no guarantee that it will turn out in our favor.

    A law that took the more traditional route (through congress) would theoretically be easier to overturn... just wait for a more friendly congress."

    This is why the petitions won't help and why a good attorney will. Send in those donations!

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