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Our 6ft albino rat...Blondie !!

Discussion in 'Ratsnakes' started by Mooks, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Mooks

    Mooks Well-Known Member



    Here is our albino rat Blondie, 6ft long and very tame. Sorry about the eyes. It was the camera shot.
    He's not feeding at the moment, been 5 weeks now. We think he's looking for a mate or maybe in brumate...
    Apologies for the old viv pic. Hes waiting for his new viv to arrive. Hopefully this week...if the weather does not stop it being delivered...very icy and snowy UK...We're on a hill with 7in of snow outside...worse winter for 18 years..
    We took him off a guy who was moving out of his apartment due to a split with his girlfriend and had nowhere to put him..
    Feeds well..when he does !!
    My wifes fave !!!
    But theres some confusion on what type of ratsnake he is. #We have been told an albino yellow ratsnake..then an albino black..and others have been mentioned...
    But whatever he is ...hes just a amazing colour and a good personality..
    Hope you like him..

  2. labelleninirose

    labelleninirose Elite Member

    she is pretty :eek:
  3. wildheart

    wildheart Elite Member

    Thanks for sharing such a fine specimen!
  4. Mooks

    Mooks Well-Known Member

    Well after 9 weeks fasting she decided to take 6 fuzzies couple of days ago as those were the only food we have in the freezer..
    One medium mouse yesterday and what a strike really wanted that...
    Great to see she's ok now and in fine form..
  5. nicole

    nicole Elite Member

    what a gorgeous snake! My ratsnake also had the best temperment! I really do miss him!
  6. Mooks

    Mooks Well-Known Member

    Yeah !!! last night she shed for the first time since we got her last September...
    Wondered why she went off her food for a while, how long do ye think it will be till she feeds again have tried today but she just turned away and wasn't interested..usually loves jumbo rats !!

    Cheers..just happy she shed now !!
  7. Piano Man

    Piano Man Elite Member

    That is a very fine snake.
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