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Opinions Please

Discussion in 'Enclosures' started by cslammon, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    I recently threw the 20gal tank I had my anoles in into my CWD 's tank, I was just wondering a few things.

    1. Is it too big?
    2. Is it safe? Theres areas around the tank that he can get into and possibly get stuck?
    3. Would it be safe to empty as much water as I can (every other day) and clean it out real good then add new water without completely removing all the old water?
    4. Should I leave out the big log or leave it in? I think its too crowded with it

    Here it is with the log


    View of it

    Yoshi hangin out by the pump with his cast lol

    Upstairs basking area

    What do you guys think? Just so you know this IS temporary untill I can build my 6x4x2 foot tank.

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  2. HydroDragon

    HydroDragon Elite Member

    I would be worried that he could wedge himself inbetween something. Or maybe even get a leg or tail caught between the wall and the glass. If you want a water area down there, use a cat litter pan. Its lighter to haul in and out of the cage. Also it should still be emptied every day unless you have some sort of water filter in it.

    Not to mention more glass to be confused by is just going to make it more stressfull for him.
  3. cslammon

    cslammon Elite Member

    He seems to be loving the new water area he has, the old one was so small and dull he never seemed interested. He's been in there since I put it in there earlier. I think im gonna play it by ear and see how it goes for the next few days. Filter will be coming shortly

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