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Opinion on Hybrids

Discussion in 'Colubrids *General*' started by Hybrid, Jul 18, 2011.


What do you think of hybrids?

  1. Hyrids are OK and I would keep them

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  2. Hybrids are OK but I wouldn't keep any

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  3. Hybrids Should not be made.

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  4. IDK

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  1. Hybrid

    Hybrid Well-Known Member

    What is your opinion on hybrids?

    I have no problem with hybrids as long as you mark them as what they are. If they are marked as what they are, They cannot ruin bloodlines.
    One of the things I like about colubrid hybrids is that they are fertile so different species can be added. I may eventually try a Male Bull snake to a Female Honduran :p
  2. Kernel

    Kernel Elite Member

    Same here, as long as their labeled as what they are. I personally would like to breed my female apricot Pueblan milk to one of my male corn snakes when their up to size. I would also like to breed a Texas rat to a corn. Also, the creamsickle corn is a corn/great plain rat snake hybrid.
  3. David McConley

    David McConley Elite Member

    I, like both of you, don't mind hybrids as long as they are fully disclosed. Many timesvat reptile shows you can get some very nice looking hybrids. Like everything else though, for every reputable and honest hybrid breeder, there may be 10 or more that will not disclose the animals are hybrids.
  4. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    So are hybrids unable to reproduce? Just wondering!
  5. Hybrid

    Hybrid Well-Known Member

    Hybrids between pituophis, lampropeltis, or pantherophis species are fertile. You could breed a hybrid to a pure snake or a hybrid to a hybrid and still have fertile snakes. One of things I like is that in a hybrid clutch you could have every snake look completely different from one another. I'm not a fan of milk snake to milk snake hybrids because those could very easily be confused with a pure snake. But a Jungle Corn( Cali king snake X Corn snake) doesnt look like other species. There are thousands of hybrid combination's that could be made. Hundreds already have been made.

    Heres a list of some of the Colubrid Hybrids taken from Hybrid Herps and I added some others I know of:

    Cornsnake x Ratsnake Combos
    Creamsicle Corn "Amelanistic" Corn Snake X Emory Rat Snake
    Rootbeer Corn: "Normal Colored" Corn Snake X Emory Rat Snake
    Cinnamon Corn = "Hypo" Corn Snake X Emory Rat Snake
    Snowsicle = "snow" Corn Snake X Emory Rat Snake

    Pearl Corn snake "leucistic" = Corn Snake X Leucistic Texas Rat Snake
    Frosted Corn snake = Corn Snake X Grey Rat Snake
    Frosted Creamsicle "amelanistic" = Corn Snake X Grey Rat Snake
    Ultra "Ultramel" Corn snake = Corn Snake X Grey Rat Snake
    Bairdy Corn = Corn snake X Baird's rat snake
    Corn snake x Fox snake
    Beast Corn = Corn snake X Black Rat Snake
    Corn snake X Everglades Rat snake

    Corn Snake X Japanese Rat Snake
    Corn Snake X Kunasir Rat snake
    Corn Snake X Radiated Rat snake

    Cornsnake X Kingsnake Combos
    Jungle Corn: California Kingsnake X Corn snake
    Super Corn: 75% California Kingsnake X 25% Lampropeltis getula
    Corn snake X Variable Kingsnake "thayeri"
    Axminster Corn = Corn snake X Speckled Kingsnake
    Corn snake X Black Kingsnake
    Corn snake X Prairie Kingsnake
    Tri Color Jungle Corns = Corn Snake x Ruthven's King
    Corn snake X Greyband Kingsnake
    Brook Korn = Brooks king X Corn snake

    Cornsnake X Milksnake Combos
    Sinacorn: Corn snake X Sinaloan Milksnake
    Pueblacorn: Corn snake X Pueblan Milksnake
    Cornduran = Cornsnake X Honduran Milksnake
    Corn snake X Nelsons Milk

    Kingsnake Combos
    Lemon King = Florida King X California Kingsnake
    Carpet King: Variable "Thayeri" X Greeri
    Pastel King: "Amelanistic" (Variable King X Ruthven's Kingsnake) X (Variable Kingsnake)
    Variable Kingsnake X Ruthven's Kingsnake
    Arizona Mountain King x Ruthven's Kingsnake
    Tarahumara Mountain King x Ruthven's kingsnake
    GreyEye = Variable X Greyband
    Ruthven's X Greyband
    San Louis Potsi "mexmex" X Ruthven's
    Greyband X California King

    Milksnake X Milksnake Combos
    Camduran: Pueblan Milk X Honduran Milk
    Pueblan X Sinaloan
    Honduran X Sinaloan
    Pueblan X Nelsons

    Kingsnake X Milksnake Combos
    Clown King: Thayeri X Nelson's Milk Pic1 Pic2
    Candy Coloured Clown: "Amelanistic" Thayeri X Nelsons Milksnake
    Painted King: 75% Pueblan Milk X 25% Cal King
    Imperial Pueblan: 25% Pueblan Milk X 75% Banana Cal King
    Sinacal = California Kingsnake X Sinaloan Milk
    Pueblan Milk Snake x Ruthven's Kingsnake
    FL King X Honduran
    Brooklan = Florida King X Pueblan
    Durango X Pueblan

    Ratsnake X Ratsnake Combos
    Bubblegum Ratsnake: "Amelanistic" Black X Yellow X Everglades Bill and Cathy Love
    Greenish Ratsnake: Black Ratsnake X Yellow Yatsnake
    Black Ratsnake X Everglades Ratsnake
    Bairds Rat X Everglades Ratsnake
    Bairds Rat X Yellow Rat
    Bairds Rat X Geat Plains Rat
    Bairds Rat X Grey Rat
    Texas rat X Baird's rat
    Texas Ratsnake X Black Rat

    Kingsnake X Ratsnake
    florida king X yellow ratsnake
    Yellow Rat X Speckled King

    Milksnake X Ratsnake
    tex-duran=Texas rat X honduran
    Super Pueblacorns: 62.5% cornsnake, 25% Pueblan milk, 12.5% Cali king
    Turbocorns: Cornsnake X Gophersnake
    Pyro Greeri Ruthveni Alterna Holbrooki Campbelli. (Mountain Milks)
    Campbelli 50%
    Alterna 18.75%
    Holbrooki 12.5%
    Pyro 6.25%
    Greeri 6.25%
    Ruthveni 6.25%

    Triple Combo
    Ruthveni x Pueblan x Alterna = Candy Kings
    Honduran Milk x Albino Cal King x Florida King = Jurassic Milks
    Desert King x Cornsnake x Albino Cal King = Splendida Jungle Corns
    Corn Snake x Imperial Pueblan = Imperial Pueblacorn
    Imperial Pueblan X Nelsons Milksnake
    baird's rat X black rat X corn
    Jungle Creams = Creamsicle X Cal King
    brook corn Brooks X corn
    Brook Jungles (brook X corn) x (corn X cal king)
    Sinaloan X (Emori X Corn) = SinaCream

    4 way cross
    Titan King: Cali King X Goini king X Texas Rat X Corn Snake

    Pituophis Hybrids
    Gopher Snake X Cal King
    Turbo Corn: any Pituophis X Corn Snake

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