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One Egg at a Time

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by kronik070, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. kronik070

    kronik070 Elite Member

    well i went into my reptile room this morning and noticed one lone egg on top of the soil.

    is it normal for CWDs to lay egg by egg or do they usually lay the entire clutch at once??

    also is it normal that she did not burrow to lay it??

    should i remove it? or wait for her to lay the rest???

    i poked around in the soil and that is the only egg to be found !?

    kinda worried about egg binding so if this is not the norm ill have to make another vet app asap

    nervous daddy here :|

    edit : i just found a second egg in her pool
  2. kronik070

    kronik070 Elite Member

    Re: One Egg at a Time???

    now i have found 4 eggies so far
  3. DragonGirl9130

    DragonGirl9130 Active Member

    Re: One Egg at a Time???

    My CWD laid ten eggs, 6 of them within the span of 3 or 4 hours and the other 4 she had one day at a time (took about 5 days for all the eggs to be laid) and the last four were laid throughout the enclosure- treetops, water dish, sand...

    Was there enough soil for her to even burry the eggs? They wont even try to burry them if they think there is not enough soil...

    I removed mine after a few hours of her having them but she got a little testy with me so watch out and try not to stress her by removing the eggs, basically do what u think would be best.

    Oh and congrats on ur Water Dragon!!! :)
  4. kronik070

    kronik070 Elite Member

    Re: One Egg at a Time???

    yes there is about 6-7 inches of dirt that i put in there when i had a suspicion she was gravid.

    so far she has laid 4(that i can see). first day 2, then 1 each day so far. it appears she is laying them at night.

    i just took the eggs out of the water and put them on the soil.

    and thanks :)
  5. DragonGirl9130

    DragonGirl9130 Active Member

    Re: One Egg at a Time???

    Wish I could be of some help but it is my first time dealing with eggs for my water dragon so I'm clueless on the facts of whats right or not....

    I have read this though and found it useful- When U think she is about done laying her eggs, give her a warm bath. The warm water is supposed to soften the anal tract or something and helps her pass the eggs through (assuming there are eggs left to pass) It doesn't prevent egg bound but it helps.

    My CWD was so exhausted after laying her eggs, the water just made it easier for her to pass them through...
  6. kronik070

    kronik070 Elite Member

    Re: One Egg at a Time???

    my dragon is definately exhausted!

    she sleeps most of the day and i wake her up to syringe feed her since she refuses to eat on her own.

    i have given her a few warm baths lately as per the vets directions.

    im just trying to look from a distance so i dont stress her.

    definately a learning experience for me! and will know what to look for next time.

    i showed her some superworms today and i thought she was going to jump all over them as she seemed very interested, but she didnt.

    she laps up the food from the syringe tho so im not too worried anymore
  7. kronik070

    kronik070 Elite Member

    well yesterday leah finally laid the last of her eggs and began to eat almost instantly :D

    it took her about a week to lay 7 eggs. there was a day or 2 in between when she did not lay any, and then yesterday she laid 3 all at different times during the day.

    she looks alot better already, and is alot more active :)

    i am going to do a sweep of the tank today to look for any unseen eggs, and to remove the 7 eggs i can see.

    today i am also installing my homemade misting system so i will take a few pics once im all done :)

    thanks dragongirl for the help :)

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