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One Dumerils Boa and One BRB

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by dumerilboa, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. dumerilboa

    dumerilboa Member

    so. I got a BRB and a Dumerils boa. they are in separate cages of course. Just wanted some input. So here is the set up

    aspen bedding for both
    85 warm side 70 cool side for both
    water bowl on cool side and humidity box on warm side for both
    BRB has enough climbing space to make any BRB happy
    i read somewhere Dumerils don't really like the climbing space

    So you reading this may wonder what has me "worried"

    I couldn't handle the eco earth. too much work to upkeep.
    so i switched to the aspen with the humidity box. so overall tank humidity isn't there.

    Now, the BRB seems to enjoy it much more this way and so does the Dumerils. I just don't want my snakes to die because I really enjoyed my friends snakes in the past that had adults of these. Unfortunately for me going to the navy i lost touch with him lol. thanks for any help.

    Fyi not doing lamp heating because i have the undertank heaters. the places i bought both of these snakes from suggested the tank heaters over the lamps and both were not needed. thanks
  2. Flint

    Flint Elite Member

    I can't speak for the Dumerils, but I would suggest more humid hides for the BRB. Especially if it is young. They are very resistant to scale rot, it would be tough to give them too much humidity. Babies need a minimum of 85% humidity at all times. While the humid hide helps, those are generally used as shedding aides. So the snake can go there when it needs the extra humidity. BRBs need the high humidity all the time, otherwise they will develop an upper respiratory infection that can lead to pneumonia (it happened to my BRB, it was rather costly at the vet). In your cage, the snake is forced to choose between humidity and thermo regulation. If you can't maintain high cage humidity, at least give the snake humid hides at different temp gradients. So he/she can thermo-regulate and still have the humidity. My BRB cage humidity never drops bellow 70% and there are also 4 hides throughout the cage, each one serves as a humid hide since they are on 5 inches of eco earth substrate. I have never seen my rainbow out in the open, he loves his hides lol. If for whatever reason the cage does get too dry, he will burrow into the substrate until he finds the high humidity. The beautiful thing with eco earth and coco husk substrate is even if the top layer dries out, there is always moisture deeper down the snake can get too.

    The temps sound good though, my cage is just a few degrees warmer on both ends. 87-74 warm-cool side is what mine stays at.

    One last thing, GREAT choice of snakes!! Dumerils are on my list for someday, and BRBs are amazing snakes!! Mine is completely calm and relaxed with anyone handling him, never even hissed at the vet lol. And he is an incredible feeder, he has skipped one offered meal his entire life, and that was when he had pneumonia lol. Good luck!!! And don't forget, we love pictures :D
  3. dumerilboa

    dumerilboa Member

    well i was using the eco earth. i loved it. but i changed it like 3 days ago and it was all moldy today. so it took me a good 3 hours to clean everything. i dunno how aspen does with being wet. this is really tough. but i know i can get it figured out. i know also when it is time to ask for help lol.

    ya the brb was an accident. i described to the breeder what i was looking for and this is what i got. over all very very happy with mine. then i did some research which took hours and found out the dumeril was the one i really wanted. i had an old friend that had one and i thought he called it a rainbow ground boa for some reason. but that was years ago. so lucky for me i found some reputable shops to get my snakes from. both have their own breeder snakes which made me happy to find out. another thing i read about both the snakes is that they are nippy as babies but neither of mine are. they climb up to my hand to get out every time. i hold them both for about 10-15 minutes a day and plan to work up to half an hour or so a day. GF wont touch them so i gotta use the neighbors to be sure they are happy around people and not just me lol. BTW it is night time so i will see how they do tomorrow during the day if they burrow or stay hiding.
  4. Flint

    Flint Elite Member

    Hmm perhaps you kept it a bit too wet? I've only had a problem with mold once, and that was when I was misting every single day and watering the substrate once a week and there was a natural wood climbing branch. The mold was on the branch, not the actual substrate. Now I mist every 2-3 days and water down the substrate once a week. The watered down eco earth really goes a long way with maintaining high humidity.
  5. dumerilboa

    dumerilboa Member

    ok i will try that.
  6. SRT80

    SRT80 Well-Known Member

    Can't speak for the BRB but I have always used aspen for my Dumerils since 2005. I do mist the tank twice daily, once in the morning and evening.

    She is in perfect health and always have good sheds.

  7. warneri

    warneri Elite Member

    I think your friend meant a Madagascar ground boa.Don't get the aspen too wet or it will start to smell and get moldy.
  8. dumerilboa

    dumerilboa Member

    I think the Madagascar ground boa is just a different name for Dumerils boa. seems to be what I have seen in my readings.
  9. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    The Madagascar ground boa, Acrantophis madagascarensis and the dumerils boa, Acrantophis Dumerili , though similar in appearance are two separate species in the same genus.
  10. HERPies

    HERPies Elite Member

    How old/big are they? I keep morphs and like and have better success keeping it at 90 on the hot side leaving it around 80 on the cool side, at night it gets probably 70. The babies ill even do 92ish just because they seem to be less intune with regulating their heat(totally my opinion) I like it more because the snakes dont always sit on the hot spot trying to digest and can spend more time in water if they are dehydrated. I use boaphile racks, so humidity is easy for me.
  11. dumerilboa

    dumerilboa Member

    Dumeril is a late 2010 and not sure about the BRB. Less than 6 months old though. They both seem to do fine regulating there temp. The aspen is working out great. I got the BRB in a 55 gallon tank and the dumerils in a 20. I been debating on getting the dumerils a 55 soon though. She seems to want more space to me. Ideas? Pica soon. They are both amazing snakes. Dumeril just went into shed today. I can't wait :)
  12. HERPies

    HERPies Elite Member

    Then its definately common for the bad sheds. The dumeril won't need the space yet but you can give em all you want! I have 2009 and 2010 morphs in 32qt racks. They can hold up to a 4 ft no problem, I just get them out for exercise weekly or more.

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