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Offering picture assistance...

Discussion in 'Member Photos' started by redgirl77, Apr 4, 2004.

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  1. redgirl77

    redgirl77 Elite Member

    If anyone needs help with resizing photos or getting them uploaded, please email me. I enjoy photo editing and graphics and spend most of my time doing such. Thanks and email me anytime! :)
  2. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    good to Know RED

    I sent my pics to Dom, but as yet i dont see them posted lol....I am waiting Dominick......Lyn
  3. kenman1963

    kenman1963 Moderator

    red you are a dear !!!!!! i could not have got my pics posted w/o you
  4. dcboas

    dcboas Elite Member

    Cool I hope to be needing you soon,a camera is in the works now,lol. :)
  5. redgirl77

    redgirl77 Elite Member

    No worries! Congrats on the camera... my msn and yahoo messenger id's are available as well (in my profile). They are there if anyone needs me! I love to help when ever I can! :) Just be sure, in the message asking me to add you to my contacts to put your name here if your id is different!!! Thanks!!

    (that quick edit thingy is sooo cool! Using it now to add something to my original response!)
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