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Off to a Rocky Start

Discussion in 'Corn Snakes' started by poomwah, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. poomwah

    poomwah Well-Known Member

    My 15 year old step-son, Hunter, moved in with us last year. He was afraid of snakes, and was not particularly happy when I got "back into the life". I purchased an eastern rat snake last July after going the longest time without a snake in my adult life.
    He wanted nothing to do with it. Until a week or so ago. My 12 year old daughter, Odessa, who missed my having snakes, and regretted getting rid of her adult corn a couple years ago, just got a 2013 male normal corn, she named it Fettucine. Well, within a couple days, Odessa had Hunter holding Fettucine, and within a week had him wanting his own snake !!! So, I was obviously excited as could be, and we went back to the breeder and got him one from the same clutch, also a male. He named it Yager.
    Well, things seemed great. Until feeding day, Fettucine is an eating machine but Yager showed no interest in the FT newborn in his enclosure. I tried tease feeding it to him to get him interested, nothing. Tried cup feeding overnight, still nothing. Luckily Hunter is at his grandparent's house for the weekend so he doesn't know yet, but I'll admit, I'm a bit nervous. Normally I wouldn't worry about a snake missing a feeding, but when they are this small, it makes me really worried.
    Temps are good, plenty of hides in the enclosure, prey item is appropriate size. I'm figuring I'll just leave him alone until next feeding and try again. But I figured I'd see if anyone thinks I should do anything else in the mean time.
  2. king1239

    king1239 Elite Member

    If he doesnt in the next 2 p
    Or so feedings try assist feeding or maybe try live...
  3. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    How long have you had yager before you tried feeding? Did he get handled from day one? can you post some pics?
  4. poomwah

    poomwah Well-Known Member

    We didn't wait long enough. I thought it was best to wait, but the breeder said he was ready to eat, so we fed him the same day the other one was fed. The day after we got him, if I remember right. He was handled quite a bit the first night, but seemed to tolerate it well. I know now that that was a bad thing.
    We haven't handled him since then, and have been very careful about keeping things quiet for him. His dinner is thawing right now, its been 5 days since the last attempt.
  5. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, force feeding is an absolute last resort, the animal has clearly not been given any time to acclimate, plus the forced handling will no doubt have caused even more stress.
  6. king1239

    king1239 Elite Member

    I misunderstood when she said that it missed a feeding then she tried tease feeding then tried overnight in a cup I thought they were all 5 days between events. If it has only missed one feeding then don't panic I completely misunderstood
  7. poomwah

    poomwah Well-Known Member

    thanks everyone, I offered him a thawed pinky, he struck a it and coiled it up ! As soon as he had that one down he looked like he was looking for more. So, looks like good news :]
  8. poomwah

    poomwah Well-Known Member

    just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Jager is still eating well :] He strikes the FT pinkie right after it hits the ground and coils up around it :] He's developed and incredible appetite!

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