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Now What?

Discussion in 'Chameleons' started by Hide Clyde, Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. Hide Clyde

    Hide Clyde Elite Member

    Hi ALL!

    Having just bought my new pal "Clyde," a Side Striped Chameleon, I am finding there is a lot more to Chameleon keeping than I was lead to believe. I am having trouble finding out what I need to keep Clyde happy and healthy. Can someone help? Clyde is happily eating crickets dusted with vitamins and drinking from his leaf bowl and leaves "after misting". He has a nice, if small, screen cage, some artifical plants, a sandblasted grape vine and a basking light, oh and some kind of under cage heater. He seems healthy and happy but I don't want him to suffer because I did something wrong or didn't do something I should have.

    I do have a larger cage coming 18X18X36 and welcome set-up suggestions

    Clyde got his name and I got my user name from my son 5yr and his favorite book: Hide Clyde.

  2. El SD Fan

    El SD Fan Banned User

    UTH for chams?

    im not "sure" about that particular type of chameleon, but as far as i know, they "dont" go to ground, and a UTH is not needed. adequate UVA and UVB lighting should be provided, tho....and aheat lamp, for ambient temps

    hope i helped,
  3. Hide Clyde

    Hide Clyde Elite Member



    Clyde likes just about everywhere in his cage. He hangs out mostly near the bottom but it's hard to say yet where he really likes because I've only had him for a week. He seems to be a bit different from most chameleons in that he will drink from his leaf shaped bowl. He does walk on the bottom of the cage a fair amount of the time. I was told he is closely related to the Graceful Chameleon but have almost no information on it either. I also have no real idea if he is really a he.

    The lighting is a big question as I have little information as to what is good for his type of chameleon. He has been living in basically the same set-up since the first of November when the pet shop got him and seems happy and healthy. Since I have no clue as to what is right UV wise for him, I am unsure if I need to get a different set-up or what.
  4. El SD Fan

    El SD Fan Banned User

    oh, dont ask me that...i myself am UV impaired. i just know that lizards that dont eat whole prey items (as a general rule at least) do in fact need UV...what kind of UV doyou have on him now?this may help someone else who reads the post to help you more

  5. Dominick

    Dominick Founding Member

  6. steel rip

    steel rip Elite Member

    Hiya Hide Clyde, love the name, sounds like you have most of it covered, I use UTH one on the back of the cage and one on the bottom, they will be needed for night time temperatures, I also use a night time red bulb,as with a screen cage it is hard to keep in the heat and humidity, but where ever you maybe located you might not need night time bulb, depends on your chams enclosures temp, I use UV 8.0 with basking lamp, and I also dampen towels an hang them on the cage to create humidity, it is unusual for a cham to drink from a bowl, but i have seen mine do it when I very first got him, he drank from his fountain, now I use a big dripper, what plants do you currently have? I have a ficus benjamina, and he loves to hand around in there when he isn't soaking up UV, any worries just ask, thats what we are here for :D
    Pics would be great, we love pictures :D
  7. Rocky's Dad

    Rocky's Dad Elite Member

    You definitely need a UVB bulb and a basking lamp. UTH heaters are not the best way to heat a vertical, screened enclosure. You are running the risk of your cham developing Metabolic Bone Disease if you do not get them a UVB bulb, which should be on 12 hrs a day. Set up a natural light/dark schedule like they would get in the wild.

    Live plants would be better - they help with humidity, and also help monitor the conditions of the cage. Do you know the humidity in the cage?

    What kind of temperature gradient do you have set up? You need a basking spot and a place where they can retreat that should be cooler.

    Are you gutloading and supplementing the prey items? Mixing up types of prey can be helpful as well, as chams sometimes get "bored" with prey items.

    I would recommend that you get this book: "Chameleons: Their Care and Breeding" by Linda Davidson - excellent info on all areas of chameleon husbandry - you can order it at

    Hope all that helps.

  8. Hide Clyde

    Hide Clyde Elite Member


    Clyde currently has a 50w basking spot lamp from ZooMed. No where can I find a UV rate on the packaging. I have been considering putting "Daylight Bulbs in the lights around him in the room. This would be until Clyde's larger cage arrives. I have an 18X18X36 screen cage on it's way. Hopefully he will enjoy the space to roam. I want to put a drip system in his cage and am considering a water fall as well. Of course Clyde's beloved leaf bowl will also move to his new home. I want to create an easy to clean environment that he will also love. I do have some more questions on cage set-up.

    1. Water falls? I have heard mixed reviews for chameleons. I clean cages every weekend so I would not think it would be a problem and our Anole loves hers. Whats your opinion?

    2. Drip systems? Since Clyde lives in the bedroom as well as my wife, I need to make Clyde's set-up look good on the outside to promote domestic tranquility. With that in mind, I am looking at a drip vine made from Nature Zone that has water pumped up to the top of the cage and then drips out of the vine/leaves. The pump and tanks are hidden so you would only see a line to the top of the cage and a control valve. The catch pan and drain line could be hidden. Much more complicated but should look much better. Anyone have any experience with this type of set-up?

    3. Flooring? I have read somewhere that the lizard mulchs of different varieties can cause problems. What about the lizard carpet? I could change it every week while washing out the carpet from the week before. What do you use?

    4. Plants? I currently only have fake plants in Clyde's home but would like to have live one's as well. What do you use and suggest?

    5. Heat? What are the heat requirements for Clyde? He currently lives between 70 and 85 degrees fahrenheit.

    6. Humidity? How humid should Clyde be kept? Normally he is between 35%and 45% now. That is between misting 2 to 3 times a day.

  9. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    Hello Richard, I see you found your way here before I could respond to your email, I sent you a basic care sheet and some info. But it was hard to find. Here's the link again in case you haven't received it yet.
    By the way, Welcome to HC.
  10. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    Humidity @ 80%
    Heat gradient 85 day-60 night
    Drip system is a necessity
    And they do enjoy occasional basking in the sun, just not too hot.
  11. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    That is because that lamp is not a uvb generating light. It is nothing but a fancy version of the same lights you have in household fixtures and is really supplying nothing but heat.
    A uvb lamp will specifically state that it produces UVB. You can generally tell by the price! :eek: A uvb light bulb will be 20 dollars and up.
    However this is a must have for the health of your cham.
  12. steel rip

    steel rip Elite Member

    Basking spot should be around 90 to 95 I keep humidity around 60% it hard to get anything higher in a screen cage, I Have been able to get higher but it drops pretty quick, My Cham doesnt have any problems with shedding at 60%, if your lamp was UV it should state clearly on the packaging.

    There are a few live plants that Chameleons can use, The most common are Pothos, hibiscus, Umbrella plants or Ficus benjamani, Ficus "Alii", and Ficus natidia, hope this helps...
  13. Hide Clyde

    Hide Clyde Elite Member


    What is the best lighting set-up for Clyde? His new cage is 18x18x36 and he will have climbing vines etc allowing him to get all over his domain. Once again the looks of the light set-up is a big consideration. Clyde's health matters most, but...... So if it's ugly then so be it. My wife might still let me stay! She is quite fond of Clyde and kind of likes me.
  14. steel rip

    steel rip Elite Member

    I use a 100watt bulb out side the cage over head, I have is UV inside the cage and 60 watt shining in on the side to heat the middle of the cage,and UTH at the bottom and back, you will have to mess around with certain watt bulbs to get the right temps.
  15. Hide Clyde

    Hide Clyde Elite Member

    Clyde's Photo debut!

    If I do it right you should now be able to see Clyde.
  16. steel rip

    steel rip Elite Member

    Awww, he is gorgeous, you got yourself a real beauty there, thanks for sharing, did you get UV lighting sorted or know if you have it? it is vital for you cham to have :)
  17. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    Nice looking little guy!!!!!
  18. Hide Clyde

    Hide Clyde Elite Member

    Clyde's Care

    After spending a number of hours researching Clyde's care requirements I have a couple of specific care sheets. Clyde's Scientific name is Chamaeleo bitaeniatus. He will get to between 4 and 6 inches long. He need proper ventilation and high humidity. The information differs on how high but range from between 70% and 100%. It looks like a cage misting system is in Clyde's near future. The Temps also range from 75, low 70's and a low of in the sixtys. The high range is 75 to 85 degree's. With all of the differing stats I believe I will go with the median temps and humidity. All stress UVB lighting so I believe I will call the Reptile UV people and get them to custom set up Clyde's UVB light. Expensive but I'll sleep better. I am ordering a drip system and will put in a waterfall. Clyde will of course get some live plants. I want to find some that are native to his area. Most agree that his kind comes from Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Zaire. A few different locals are Congo, Somalia and Madagascar. Anyone know of plants from these areas that are good for Clyde? The other question is Dusting Crickets, Some say that Clyde may be intolerant of heavy nutrients and others say to powder living daylights out of his food.

    Any Comments or suggestions?
  19. Jem_Scout

    Jem_Scout Elite Member

    Welcome to you and to Clyde! He's a handsome cham!
  20. El SD Fan

    El SD Fan Banned User

    actually, wattage has nothing to do with heat emission, just how much enrergy it uses. if you get a thermostat or "fashion" yourself a rheostat (with a regular old dimmmer you can buy at home depot) and use your thermometer, its a heck of a lot better than messing around iwth wattage til you get the right temperature :) i like short cuts
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