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Now If We Could All Introduce Ourselves

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mommasaurusrex, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. Mommasaurusrex

    Mommasaurusrex New Member

    That'd be great....
    My name's Jamie, 27, avid animal enthusiast. From the time I could walk my large family has owned a wide variety of animals from birds, reptiles, amphibious, and domestics. Went on to work at a vet for 4 years, and am now at a corporate pet store but not looking to stay due to lack of care from corporate and distributors on proper animal Care. I greatly enjoy helping rehabilitate reptiles and birds that come to me in rough shape. Looking to take in an extremely stressed and malnourished veiled chameleon soon but don't have as much experience with them and would appreciate any feedback .
  2. jonathan.piazza91

    jonathan.piazza91 Active Member

    Nice to meet you. I saw your post regarding the veiled cham and want to offer advice but have never owned one so not sure how helpful I can be. What I do know with all reptiles, but especially chameleons, is that having an accurate method for checking your ambient temperature, basking temps, and humidity levels is 100% necessary. Chameleons are intermediate to advanced reptiles to keep based on a number of factors, but especially due to their sensitivity to incorrect husbandry and inconsistent temps/humidity. I also know that they are not the best in regards to handling. While I'm sure there are exceptions, most would probably prefer to never be touched and will stress themselves out to the point of sickness. Again, take it for what it's worth from a guy that has never owned one, but hopefully that was a little helpful. I do know there are some chameleon specific forum boards on the internet that may have more active keepers that can address your specific questions more accurately and in a timely manner. Hope everything plays out well! It's sad to see some of the animals Petco and PetSmart sell in such deplorable condition. I don't hate those stores but they are definitely not set up to properly
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  3. jonathan.piazza91

    jonathan.piazza91 Active Member

    *not set up to properly keep certain reptiles.
  4. Lori68

    Lori68 Established Member

    Hey there :)

    I am like Jonathan, I have very little if any knowledge on chams. All I know is they are very fragile if kept wrong and not beginner reptiles. I would love to help you out but I don't know what to say. I know this forum has some care sheets and one of a species of chameleon, but if that helps I don't know.
    Look under the resources tab at the top of the forum page where you can be led to the care sheets section.
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  5. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Unless you have a humid house you need to get have a setup without screening. Lack of humidity is a killer for Veiled Chams. Unfortunately stress is as well.
    Setup a habitat with the ability to provide a rain chamber.
    I'm by no means an expert but I had a pair of Chams in the past and they died from a screened enclosure. Which people said to use.
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