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Not Showing on Topsites

Discussion in 'Questions and Answers' started by CrotalusCo, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. CrotalusCo

    CrotalusCo Member

  2. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    It's not showing because the code you need to add to your site hasn't been added. Until the code has been added, and I verify it is there, it won't be enabled.

    I also go through the topsites periodically and view the sites listed to ensure the code is still on the site. If it has been removed, the site also gets removed.

    Almost every topsite application works the same. In order to be ranked, you need to add some html that allows the listing the ability to "read" the amount of visitors you get. If the code hasn't been added, it can't track the visitors, and I don't advertise the site.
  3. CrotalusCo

    CrotalusCo Member

    it has been added for 2 days and i am getting listed as rank 17 on the button. I didnt see an area in the rules that mentioned it had to be on the front page. I also didnt see anywhere to send you the url of the page it is on for your verification.

    PS you must not check the code often because there are a few on the site that the page isnt even up any longer
  4. CrotalusCo

    CrotalusCo Member

  5. Rich

    Rich Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


    I check it more often than most people realize. I also take the liberty of contacting users that have been members of the topsites for awhile to see if they are temporarily experiencing technical difficulties.

    As you will see by the display, users that have a "zero" visitor rate are at the very bottom. I can quickly go through and click those users to see if the code is there, and if the site is up or down. If the site is down, I contact them to see if this is permanent or temporary. If its temporary, I leave the listing. If after 2 weeks the listing still hasn't been corrected, it is then disabled.

    In your case, you had the topsite button placed somewhere i couldn't see it. If you are going to link your site to the homepage, the link should be there as well. If you go through the other sites, you will find that we have their link pointing to the same place our topsites button is listed.

    Look at it like this. If I decided to create a topsites listing page on HC, I could then add every reptile topsites found on the net to that page. I could have that page buried 6 levels and the odds of someone visiting that page would be pretty slim. That means essentially I would be gaining visitors from their topsites listing, but their topsite listing would not be getting any reciprocal traffic from me because no one would see the link to the topsite.

    When I visit a page to verify the topsite, I anticipate it will be on the page that they have linked to. If it isn't, I do not scour their site looking for where they may have added it. If someone wants to have a page with the topsites added to it, they simply need to link their link on our topsites to that page as well. This way, the user who clicks the link on our topsites also sees our topsite button when they visit the site.

    Its a generic reciprocal link exchange system. that is all a topsites listing is. In order for it to work effectively, the links need to reciprocate one another.

    I have since activated your listing and appreciate you adding the code where others can see it.
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