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Not Eating After Antibiotics, What Should I Do?

Discussion in 'Bearded Dragons' started by Fellowdt23, May 11, 2012.

  1. Fellowdt23

    Fellowdt23 Active Member

    Hi my bearded dragon has recently finished a course of baytril ive been feeding him baby food but he will eat very little and wont touch his other food i have been mixing probiotics with baby food he will only eat half a syringe twice a day!
    Anyway i stumbled accross your post from 2010 with a similar problem im now 4 days since his last antibiotic and hes not touched anyfood but the syringe any ideas or even better what was the outcome with yours how long did it take to return to normal?

    Vet wants a poo sample but ive the same problem as you did he wont poo at the moment!

    Anyway thanks any help apreciated if you can remember much about your experience cheers!!
  2. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Re: Bearded Dragon Not Eating After Antibiotics, What Should I Do?

    Hi, can I just ask what the problem with your dragon was/is?
  3. Fellowdt23

    Fellowdt23 Active Member

    Hi he had a respiratory infection due to a damp tile in his enclosure hes now on lino, im hoping hes over it now after 2 10 day courses of baytril! I just cant get him to eat i understand baytril is harsh on there system ive been giving probiotics with no luck as of yet!

    Hi he had a respiratory infection due to a damp tile in his enclosure hes now on lino, im hoping hes over it now after 2 10 day courses of baytril! I just cant get him to eat i understand baytril is harsh on there system ive been giving probiotics with no luck as of yet!

    Hi yes i understand but the person who started this thread was asking the same question as me i was just hoping they would reply with how they got on thats the main reason i posted in here

  4. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Hi there!
    Why was your tile wet?

    What is your basking temperature and what is your cool side temperature?

    What are you using to measure your temperatures with?

    What are you using for heat and lights, brands wattage?

    What size is your enclosure?

    How old is your Bearded Dragon?

    Do you have a photo of your setup?

    How long has he been on antibiotics?

  5. Fellowdt23

    Fellowdt23 Active Member


    His tank is 4ft x 2ft x 2ft

    His basking spot ranges between 102 and 107 cool side is around 85

    He has an arcadia tube light uvb 12

    His basking bulb is an exo terra intense heat basking bulb

    He now has lino but did have tiles and i use to alternate them bascally i would wash 2 and put the a fresh 2 in but i accidently put a newly washed one in and it was until the next day i noticed humidity was sky high i kick my self everyday about it.

    He was treated about 6 weeks ago with a 10 day course of baytril and treated again about 2 weeks ago because it wasnt gone since i finished last course i was hoping it was gone but he still sits with mouth open most of the time and hes even when not basking

    Im still not convinced its gone his temps run through a dimming thermostat i also have 2 other digital tenperature gauges to make sure everything is ok his humidity is never above 40 i live in uk cant seem to get it lower than 37

    I have a nebuliser coming tomorow
  6. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Sounds like your set up is good!
    I take it that your tiles were porous?

    Do you spray your enclosure?

    What are you using the nebuliser for, the medication??
  7. Fellowdt23

    Fellowdt23 Active Member

    I dont spray encloser i rather give him a spray every other day out of his enclosure or bath him once a week

    The nebuliser

    Well in a uk reptile forum someone advised that i buy one and give it a try as it will ease his breathing im just so stressed about the whole thing i live 200 miles from nearest reptile vet and dont drive theres only so much my local vet can do and offering more antibiotic would be silly incase he became resistant to it
    The nebulise comes with F10 solution and some saline solution

    This is the product

    Omron C28 Nebuliser & F10 Kit
  8. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Just checking to make sure you aren't spraying the enclosure, some people spray their enclosures:(

    I've never seen the nebuliser like that, I was worried that you were going to spray water in its mouth or nostrils, lol
    Very interesting product for sure, hopefully it will help your little one out. I'm assuming that the F10 solution is like the one that vets use for cleaning wounds and disinfecting like Chlorhexidine
  9. Fellowdt23

    Fellowdt23 Active Member

    Ive actualy just found my brand new exo terra humidity gauge which gives a different reading altogether it says my tank humidity is 18 could this be why his mouth is open and not an RI at all could it be his tank is to dry now the apposite of what i had before im shocked at the difference in readings my other gauge is non branded

    Can a tank be to dry is it possible and would he sit there with mouth open?

    Still give nebuliser a shot
  10. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Is your humidity gauge digital or a dial type!
  11. Fellowdt23

    Fellowdt23 Active Member

    hi both are digital one non branded says 40 humidity and the other branded exo terra says 18 humidity everything i use is digital could humidity that low be a problem i mean he definatly had an RI crusty nose the lot due to the damp tile but since then not an ounce of water has went near his enclsure can it ever be to dry? Im 18 is low?

    And yes F10 is the same solution as vets use i think you dilute it to 1ml to every 250ml of drinking water or saline solution just want the we guy better!

  12. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    You definitely want to raise the humidity a bit! I use a large shallow water dish for mine to drink and soak in if she wants.

    If you want to check your exo terra one, just boil some water in a cup and hold the cup up to the unit and see if the steam raises the humidity.

    Where do you keep your exo terra hygrometer, inside or outside you tank?
  13. Fellowdt23

    Fellowdt23 Active Member

    Hi the hygrometer is in hot side of tank with probe wrapped around a branch, i use to put shallow bath in but when he fell ill i got worried, what should humidity be 35-40? And where should i place the dish?

    When i have the exo terra one out his encloser ot reads 42 so im guessing its accurate but im in the process of checking an accurate way of testing both hygrometers! Im still shocked at how low it went and how rubbish the one i was using must be to have such a different reading!

    Thanks for your help appreciated!!
  14. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, you really don`t need to buy the nebuliser, I can tell you it will not fit the dragon`s mouth closely enough to be effective, and I doubt very much he will sit still long enough anyway.
    A humidity level of around 40% is fine, I would advise keeping the temps raised for the time being, that will help keep his metabolism working efficiently. As long as there are cooler, darker places he can retreat to, the ambient air temp can be approx 30 to 32c (86 to 90f), even during the night.
    EDIT: You haven`t said where the hygrometer is positioned, so just to let you know, it`s best placed a few cm above the floor level, as that`s where he will spend most of the time.
  15. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Sorry, I ran out of time; can you put a few photos up? Thanks!
  16. Fellowdt23

    Fellowdt23 Active Member

    Hi, at the moment the humidity gauge is probably half way height wise in tank i will lower it now thanks!

    As for the nebuliser i was told to place him in a sealed plastic container with nebuliser running for 10 minutes twice a day as i asked the same question as you how the **** is the dragon going to sit and take that ha :)
    Yeah i have had the temps up at night and cool end is around 30 he currently has no bubbles or crust coming from nose like he had previously and is more active than before but doesnt eat much and often has mouth open which worries me i just wonder if this could be from low humidity reading rather than an infection?
  17. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Double check your temperatures. If there is no bubbling, or wheezing sound, when he breathes, the open mouth may be trying to cool off. Sort of like a dog pants.
  18. Fellowdt23

    Fellowdt23 Active Member

  19. Fellowdt23

    Fellowdt23 Active Member

    As you will see if you zoom in the humidity gauge now says 12
    I only have it positioned like that to check i will neatly sort it all later, i would love to turn temps down slightly but dont want to risk incase he is still suffering from RI slightly :/

    I have put a dish of water in and set cold side to 28c and basking to around 38-40c or 100-105 roughly
  20. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    You need to get the probes for your thermometer down on the basking spot. Having it up on the wall may be giving you a false reading and it may actually be warmer than you think.
    Is the only time he is sitting with his mouth open when he is in the hotspot? That would be classic cooling down behavior.

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