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not a herp, but HUGE news!

Discussion in 'Herp Awareness' started by furryscaly, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    Ok, since I posted some stuff regarding extinctions and whatnot, I thought this would be pretty cool for most. Ivory-billed woodpeckers once lived in the southern U.S, but went extinct here in the mid 1900s. Then the last of them, a Cuban subspecies, was declaired extinct in I think 1991. But, check this out! Cool stuff, though the pecker will probably never regain most of its former range.
  2. geckoguy14

    geckoguy14 Elite Member

    that is kinda funny, i just read an article on my homepage about that! I am excited that this bird has been rediscovered. It's a blessing to actually have an animal long thought to be extinct.

    I just hope they can keep the wild populations stable and i am even more concerned that the logging companies are just gonna find some way to screw everything up like they always do.
  3. furryscaly

    furryscaly Elite Member

    This is the same thing that happened with the coelecanth and the black-footed ferret. There's a decent chance it may happen to the thylacine someday too.
  4. geckoguy14

    geckoguy14 Elite Member

    the day the rediscovery of the thylacine appears on the news, is the day i die a happy guy. That would be amazing.
  5. jacky

    jacky Moderated Status

    WOW,that is great news indeed!!Hope it will last!
  6. KrokadilyanGuy3

    KrokadilyanGuy3 Elite Member

    Good stuff. I read this as well on another forum I attend.

    Many things that were once thought to be extinct has been rediscovered within the last fifty years, including herps.

    For the record, I'll be the one who rediscovers the Tasmanian Wolf.
  7. smallgrayfox

    smallgrayfox Contributing Member

    Oh yeah! I just heard about it this morning on National Public Radio! I was so excited! Very cool news! :)
  8. Sentress

    Sentress Elite Member

  9. deltro_star

    deltro_star Elite Member

    Thats always good news! Even though the big picture is still pretty depressing Im glad such a beautiful animal is still with us, i just hope they take better steps to help those guys out this time around.
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