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No Power/dry Wood Stove Heat

Discussion in 'Humidity' started by ksola, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. ksola

    ksola Elite Member

    I Need a way to increase humidity when power goes out and wood stove is used to heat. I do have a generator but am looking for creative ways that dont add to the limited power load. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Pots filled with water on and very near the stove are not enough.
  2. Iggysmommie

    Iggysmommie Elite Member

    When you find a way I would love to know. I use my wood stove alot during the winter and when the power goes out the humidity in my house drops to nothing usually.
  3. ksola

    ksola Elite Member

  4. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    You put a pot of water on the wood stove. Let it boil and evaporate.
  5. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    And if thats not enough, some aquarium air tubing, an air valve and an old soda bottle could make a easy and cheap temporary drip system. Drill an appropiate hole in the cap for the airline tubing and run it down to the bottom of the bottle, put the little valve somewhere down on the outside of the bottle, and use it to control the flow. Start the siphon and let it drip onto something that will soak up some of the moisture(maybe a sponge, since this is only a temporary setup).
    siphoning from the top keep from having any leakage problem, and you could chuck the bottle and save the rest for the next power failure to save space.
  6. ksola

    ksola Elite Member

    That is something I could work with. Thank you

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