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nightshade my female MBK

Discussion in 'Kingsnakes' started by lee, Oct 22, 2005.

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  1. lee

    lee Elite Member

  2. kenman1963

    kenman1963 Moderator

    Very nice,,,the wishlist grows
  3. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    beautiful. they're great looking snakes. :)
  4. jacky

    jacky Moderated Status

    Beautiful snake.Lee tell us,how many snakes do you have and what kind? I enjoy your pics very much because you have so many adult snakes,it's a joy to see.Can't wait for mine to reach adulthood.But don't get me wrong,I love the babies but adult snakes are fabulous and so beautiful.
  5. Jem_Scout

    Jem_Scout Elite Member

    That's one jaw dropping beautiful snake Lee!!
    My wishlist grows too! :D
  6. jshrad

    jshrad Elite Member

    I think he listed all of his herps in his introduction so if you go back and find it you can see his list, its very large... lol.

    Great looking snake Lee!
  7. joeking

    joeking Elite Member

    watch out someone doesn't mistake him for a black rubber hose. He's all shiny and healthy looking
  8. bobbittle

    bobbittle Active Member

    Very nice looking indeed.
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