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New Water Dragon Parent

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RonnieGirl, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. RonnieGirl

    RonnieGirl Member

    Hi there, My name is Ronnie and I just became a repti-parent...not sure if that is a word or not LOL but I'm going with it. When I was a little girl I used to catch lizards all the time, keep them for a day and let them go in my back yard. My favorite were the bluebellies. When I grew older I grew out of that and any kind of reptile lol. Then one day my son and his wife moved in and brought their iguana with them. Well they moved out but left their big ugly, mean lizard for me to take care of till they could come get him. It took 6 months or more. In that time he kind grew on me and he wasn't so ugly and mean after all..... well he was still a little mean lol, but not to me. So present day.... I have guardianship of one of my grandsons, who is special needs. For his birthday he wanted a puppy and a kitten! I already have two big dogs who don't like cats. So we agreed to a smaller caged animal, I talked him into a lizard. I didn't want another iguana because I don't have the room for one when it gets full length, and it wouldn't be fair to the poor thing. So I looked up all the lizards I could find and found the CWD to be more my size and liking..... lol, I guess you can tell, I didn't just get our water dragon for my grandson, I mean after all I am the one taking care of it right? LOL..... ok ok, so I was a bit manipulative...but do you blame me? So anyway that's my intro.

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