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New Viv Setup...

Discussion in 'Amphibian - General' started by northerngreen83, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. northerngreen83

    northerngreen83 New Member

    So we got rid of the small tank and upgraded, just got the plants, they both seem to love it. Soon as we got everything planted the newest addition was all over the place checking things out.


    Off to check things out!

    From the old viv... she wanted to say hello to everyone..

    I still have no names for either of the dumpies! Honestly I'm still unsure of their sex. I'm thinking they are both females because neither have or will call (tried playing WTF calls, no response). But who knows!!

    I still have to go get some stuff to cover the sides and back I'm debating if I just want to insert a faux background or just cover it with black construction paper. I need to get it all finished because next week I'm starting my next project, an FBT viv(my first false bottom).

    Comments and suggestions for this viv, or the next project would be appreciated!
  2. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Congrats on your new additions!

    For your tank, you need some cross branches. There is a LOT of unused space in that tank and you have a tree frog who will want to go up high. Branches you find outside are fine as long as you treat them with either a 1/10 bleach solution, or bake them in the oven for half an hour at 300 degrees.

    Here is a sample of a 30 gallon I used to have.
  3. titus

    titus Elite Member Premium Member

    I would also recommend getting the brom out of the ground and mounting it. Most don't do well with wet feet and die quickly. Get as much of the soil off the roots as you can and wrap them with moss and tie it to a branch. Misting and keeping the vase full is all that's needed to keep them growing well and it should grow in to place in about 6-10 weeks.
    If you don't feel like mounting it you can just set it with the roots bound in moss on the ground this will keep them from getting water logged and rotting.
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