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New to Rosy, Need Help With Setup

Discussion in 'Rosy Boas & Sand Boas' started by gerbil, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. gerbil

    gerbil New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, never had a snake before but I've held many rosies. After months of research I've finally decided to get one myself. I need help with setting up an enclosure! I'm planning on a baby Mexican rosy boa as soon as the local store has one available, so here's what I'm thinking would work:

    20 gallon long tank, with screen top
    8-watt under tank heater on one side on a thermostat
    Overhead heat lamp (CHE or nocturnal heat lamp bulb?) on a dimmer, possibly a thermostat later if dimmer proves inadequate
    2 hides, one on each side
    Newspaper substrate to start with, may change later

    Does this sound good?

    The part that I'm most unsure about is the heat lamp. I think it's necessary to have one to help dry the air because the humidity at my apartment stays 50-60% for most of the year and hope the lamp will do the trick. I'm undecided between a ceramic heat emitter or a red heat lamp, since from my understanding a CHE may require a different kind of fixture and I'm unsure what that means.

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    So I don't know about the rest of the set up but I can offer some advice on ceramic heat emitters. They last a fairly long time and put outa LOT of heat. So the regular metal dome fixtures just don't work for them as the fixture will heat up quite a bit. A wire caged dome or no dome is usually the best option. That being said if you purchase a light fixture find one that says it capatible with ceramic bulbs. Ceramic bulbs will warm up a room pretty well. Also they don't put off light(don't know if his is an issue for you).
    What I personally do is use the infrared during the summers as it adds just enough heat to the cage without makin my room too hot. Then in the winters I don't run heat throughout my home I just switch to a ceramic bulb and it keeps my room at a fairly good temp and my reptiles are happy.
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Metal dome fixtures are fine to use! It isn't the dome that is the problem.
    CHE's are designed to direct the heat downward from the flat face of the unit. The concern is the socket itself. It absolutely MUST be a ceramic/porcelin socket. The plastic ones will just melt.
    As long as you are using a proper socket rated at the correct wattage, a dome reflector is fine.
  4. gerbil

    gerbil New Member

    Maybe that's what I'll do because my apartment gets extremely cold during the winter!

    You sure? Even a 5.5" mini dome or does it have to be one of the larger ones? I noticed that a lot of fixtures say not to use ceramic heat emitters. Maybe it's just me being paranoid but I want to make sure that the setup is safe. Thanks.
  5. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    It will need to be a larger dome. The minis have plastic sockets with heating equipment you have to have a ceramic or procelin socket. Anything else is asking for trouble!
    The minis really aren't much use for anything except a small coil bulb.
    If the fixture says don't use a heat emitter than don't.
    I have 150 watt and 250 watt emitters in metal domes.

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