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New to Roaches

Discussion in 'Feeders' started by jono, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. jono

    jono Elite Member

    will do. i hope this isnt anything that will be harmful to them.
  2. shwknight

    shwknight Elite Member

    It shouldn't be. It kind of sounds like maybe it was in/on the fresh or maybe got into the dry. But I doubt it's going to harm the colony in any way. Cleaning the enclosure is just to be sure there are no more in there right now and that way if you see another you can start eliminating possible sources.
  3. jono

    jono Elite Member

    i did dig through my container of dry food to make sure it wasnt infested, and it was fine.
    ill give it a good cleaning tomorrow to be safe.
  4. Frognut

    Frognut Subscribed User Premium Member

    It's not the roaches that are "odd ball" :p ;) I've stopped telling people WHAT I breed to feed my critters -- they all think I'm the "Odd Ball" LOL (although I'm sure I fit that catagory in many other ways....)
  5. Dragonscalestudios

    Dragonscalestudios Elite Member

    I've stopped telling people what is in "the big blue bin" as well. People tend to turn up their noses when you mention that you breed roaches in the garage...

    My kids love the roaches though! They regularly fight over who gets to hand the first roach to Smaug.
  6. jono

    jono Elite Member

    haha yeah. my roommate doesnt seem to mind but just about anyone else who is curious gets that look on their face like "i wish i never asked".
    and oh my.. dont even get me going on what my mother has to say about it! haha
  7. Frognut

    Frognut Subscribed User Premium Member

    I have them in my bedroom!!! :eek: The girls at the Waffle House think it's cool (they save me the egg crates) - but most people who are looking for a better way to feed their critters get wigged out... so I suggest mealies :rolleyes:
  8. jono

    jono Elite Member

    lol i have mine in the bedroom too.. i would like to move them to the garage but at the moment it is just too cluttered out there since we just recently moved in.

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