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New Tank 4 Cresty

Discussion in 'Rhacodactylus' started by OK_PLAY3R, May 17, 2016.

  1. OK_PLAY3R

    OK_PLAY3R Member

    I got a small ten gallon tank that wasn't very tall to house my baby Cresty. I've had the lil guy for about two months and was looking at Exoterra tanks recently. What size tank would you keep a single Crested Gecko adult? My baby Cresty will grow up soon and I'm gonna want to give him a good home!
  2. OK_PLAY3R

    OK_PLAY3R Member

    I like the building idea...I work at a home improvement store. What would you use to build it?? Might just consider sucking it up and buying the exoterra jet because it might be sturdier. The dimensions you gave me sound great!!

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