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New Species Photos & ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by castnshoot, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. castnshoot

    castnshoot New Member

    I have been catching these for 15 years or better close to my house.

    I took these pictures a couple of years ago. It turns out that these have been classified as a new species. "Bakersfield Legless Lizard" [anniella grinnelli]

    I e-mailed the photos to the team at UC Berkley that were credited with this new discovery. They comfermed what I had found was a Bakersfield Legless Lizard. They also want to know the exact location that I find them. I guess there is only 2 very small populations that they know of right now.

    I do not own the privet property that I find them on. My question is: could there be negitive ramafications for the property owner if I disclose the location?

    Thanks Blaine
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  2. Zerp3D

    Zerp3D Elite Member

    There have been 4 new legless lizard species discovered in California within the past couple of years. In my area (LAX Airport), I was finding legless lizards as well. According to LA Times, there was only 1 recorded legless species in California up until a couple of years ago. Legless lizard discovered near LAX (and no, it's not a snake) - I find it interesting to see evolution taking place right before our eyes, but yet we are still so unsure of how we as humans have evolved. Anyway, are you keeping any of them? If so, congrats on being one of the first to posses this new species. They should be super easy to take care of; according to the report, these guys spend their whole entire life in an area no larger than your dining room table. Lazy buggers!

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