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New Snake Ideas?

Discussion in 'Snakes - General' started by KhantiMetta, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. KhantiMetta

    KhantiMetta Active Member

    I'm deciding between buy a lizard or a snake at the next reptile show (Lizard suggestions will be in a different forum) and I wanted to hear your suggestions. I love seeing everyone's pets so this is an opportunity to show off your favorite snakes :D

    Right now I have a kingsnake and a corn snake and would like to move to a thicker bodied snake maybe but not a huge snake. I also really like the attitude of ratsnakes.

    Some snakes on my consideration list are ball python, blood python, green tree python, beauty ratsnake, baboo ratsnake, or bullsnake. If you have any of these snakes or have some different ones to suggest I'd love to hear about them :)
  2. ExoJoe

    ExoJoe Established Member

    Your corn snake is actually a type of rat snake. So if your looking for diversity in the colubrids I might suggest a bull snake they are pretty heavy bodied. I have never owned one but have looked into them and they can get semi sizable. I do have a ball python and he is my oldest reptile. It is the best tempered snake I have ever had. Plus they are pretty stout. Not as stout as the bloods but a lot better tempered. Green tree pythons are gorgeous but your looking at a more advanced species. Of course I do not know your level of experience other than your two mentioned animals. Depending on your budget ball pythons come in a plethora of morphs. Some are just some of the most amazing things I've ever seen. So that might be my suggestion. Hope this helped.
  3. KhantiMetta

    KhantiMetta Active Member

    Yeah I love the ball python morphs but I always fall for the $1000 ones lol.
  4. bernie

    bernie Member

    I have a ball python and a Hog Island boa. The ball is a normal but she is a great snake - easy to handle, eats well, most of the time (doesn't take much to spook her when eating) and is a great pet. She doesn't come out of her hide much but doesn't mind being picked up either. Sometimes, when I've had her out for awhile, she doesn't want to go back in or stay in - goes in her hide, spins around and heads for the door (almost like a game we play, quite funny actually). My boa is somewhat slimmer but fairly long and could be a good sized snake when she fills in and matures a bit. She is much faster than the ball but still very handleable. Once in a while she hisses when I pick her up but that doesn't bother me and she is fine once in hand. She's a real beauty and a bit more of a display snake - a bit more curious of what's going on. She does not like to go back in after some exploring time. Have you ever tried to bend a snake to get it to go back on the floor of their enclosure? It does not work too well so I put her down in her tree/vine decoration and she is content to go there. Either snake would be a good choice, I think.
  5. Dan01

    Dan01 Established Member

    That is kind of like my friend...he always wants the expensive lizard or snake, or if it is a cheaper one an expensive coloration (how about purple bearded dragons?). Of course he never buys them.
  6. KhantiMetta

    KhantiMetta Active Member

    They are certainly fun to look at :) but honestly I would be happy with a normal even though I want the pricy onesvso bad haha.
  7. bernie

    bernie Member

    I love the various morphs of ball pythons and the pieds are my favourite but I think that I would have to lie to my wife about the cost. They are also somewhat hard to find in this part of Canada.
  8. toddnbecka

    toddnbecka Well Established Member

    Environment is one thing to consider, also whether you just want a display snake or one you can handle easily. Blood pythons are generally nasty natured snakes and young ones need precise temp and humidity control or they'll likely die. Personally I wouldn't take one if it was free.
    Ball pythons are probably the most commonly available snake at any show I've been to, but I've never cared for them myself.
    Beauty rat snakes are very active, great for display, temperament is iffy though.
    Bamboo rats are strictly display snakes, handling them too long will actually overheat them. Smaller enclosure requirement than pythons or beauty rats. wait anpther year or two and their price will drop more. They normally produce 3 clutches per year, so it won't take too long for supply to catch up or exceed the demand for them.
    Green tree pythons are another display snake that aren't usually happy about being handled. As with any spoecies thre are some individuals that are easier to get along with, your mileage may vary, lol.
    Bulls are more likely to bluff than bite, good for display if you end up with one that doesn't hide all the time.
    I have a carpet python that's great as a display and handles better than my Everglades rat. My avatar pic was when I brought him/her (still unsexed) home late last year as a wee baby. Not generally active, most often hands out on a branch like a tree boa or python, typical ambush predator behavior but no defensive or aggressive attitude.
    My Everglades rat is a beautiful display snake, usually willing to come out and see what's going on (hoping for a mouse) but doesn't like to be picked up or held. Doesn't bite but she's flighty, and doesn't settle down very quickly even when handled very gently. She is a skinny orange pig for eating, will take 2-3 hopper or weaned mice every few days if offered, great for taking care of anything another snake didn't/wouldn't eat, lol.
    Our (Becca picked them out and mainly handles them) 2 baby boa constrictors are really awesome to handle, always calm and almost friendly. Much easier to get along with than ball pythons in general.
    I also have 10 Dominican red mountain boas, 4 are approaching 2 years of age and the others are closer to 4 now. They simply never strike or bite, worst they'll do is musk if they object to being handled. Not as commonly available as the others, but they are available occaisonally, and you never have to wonder about their disposotion at any size or age.
    Last reptile show we went to Becca picked out a '15 pair of thayeri kings, which brought our total number of snakes up to 16.
    I'm expecting a pair of blue phase Kunisir Island (Japanese) rat snakes early next week. They should be interesting as well.

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