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New Salamander

Discussion in 'Salamanders & Newts' started by Joy81, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. Joy81

    Joy81 Elite Member

    So, I don't know what the deal is, but I went to get some crickets, and ended up with a small Tiger Salamander too! I was so excited, I haven't had one since I was a kid! It's only about 4 inches long very healthy, and my husband named it Greedo! LOL!:p I paid $10 for it, Im such a sucker! I promise one of these days I'll get some pictures posted, I have a ton of them on my camera.
  2. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Re: New Salamander!

    Sure ya do. Until we see pics, we dont believe you :p.

    Congrats on the newbie :)
  3. Lucysfriend

    Lucysfriend Elite Member

    Re: New Salamander!

    Congrats :)
  4. kenman1963

    kenman1963 Moderator

    Re: New Salamander!

    Awesome,,,I love salamanders. PICS PLEASE !!!
  5. schlegelbagel

    schlegelbagel Frog Lover Premium Member

    Re: New Salamander!

  6. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Re: New Salamander!

    LMAO@ Liz!
    I think that everyone is calling your bluff!
    No picts! You are making it all up!:p;)
  7. Joy81

    Joy81 Elite Member

    Gee guys thanks for the support! I dont't have a home computer, so I don't have any acess to get my pics posted. I had to have my mom post the one picture for me! I promise when I do get them posted, there will be so many you guys will be sick of them! :p
  8. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    the sooner the better!
  9. Frognut

    Frognut Subscribed User Premium Member

    This isn't a patient bunch.... :p Still waiting....
  10. caiterlain

    caiterlain Elite Member

    Aw I think tiger salamanders are awesome! I would like to see pictures too :)
  11. theHIguy

    theHIguy Active Member

    My eastern tiger salamander is housed in a 10 gal with 4 inches of top soil and a 3 inch deep water dish. If you can get your hands on some earthworms they're better for him the crickets don't pass through his digestive tract like worms do. I use a pothos plant for my decor and a cave. mist the soil about 3 times a day. they like to dig so he will dig the plant up but those plants are fairly strong and will reroot. I also just purchased some live frog moss if u can get your hands on some its ideal for the moisture and the salamander will poop in it and the moss will clean it up for you. =))

    I didn't know if you were asking for help but there you go. lol


    ps. his tank temp should be between 75-80 and if u have a glass cover thats best because it will keep the moisture in the tank.
  12. Joy81

    Joy81 Elite Member

    Thanks for the info! I find that they really like waxworms too!
  13. theHIguy

    theHIguy Active Member

    ahh yess mine inhales wax worms
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