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New RTB?!!!!

Discussion in 'Common/Red Tail Boa' started by Dana, Sep 24, 2004.

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  1. Dana

    Dana Active Member

    OK Here it is;
    I'm suppose to be buying a Red Tail Boa from "my" local pet shop; I have him on Lay-a-way until i can get my hands on a bigger tank! I thought that would be the best thing for him; but now I'm not sure I want to get him!!
    I just came back from seeing him and he striked at me 4x's and got nothing but glass!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The last time I was there he was cold! He's in a 10gal. and he's over 3'!!!!
    I took a hide a box as well as a water bowl big enough for him! That was all I could fit in there for him! I even took up some substrate for him as well!
    But now I'm worried that he will be like that after I do get him "home"!
    I did nothing out "my" ordinary with the snake for him to strike at me! I even used hand sanitizer before I opened his tank! He immedietly went into strike mode as I was taking the lid off! He striked at me 4x's - And honestly; it was a gift to my partner and now she DOESN'Twant it she "was" afraid of snakes until Baby Boy and she saw him strike at me and wants nothing to do with him! !!
    But I don't want to turn MY back on him if there is hope!!
    ANY advice is welcomed!!!!
    I don't believe in turning my back on a stray dog and (LOL) I feel as the RTB is a stray!!!!
    Again ANY advice is welcomed; Is there a chance for him to become as calm as BAby Boy?
    I know that RTB's are suppose to be better temperd than Ball Pythons.
    PLEASE let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!?
  2. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    Both of my rtb's are very docile, however my smaller one showed some striking when I first got her, she was just very defensive from not being handled and being fed in her cage. It took about a month and a half to get her over the striking.
  3. Dana

    Dana Active Member


    Hi Jay; if i may call you Jay?

    The RTB is in a 10ga., has 1 of 2 hides, water dish and absolutly NO ROOM with her being over 3'. While we were there this evening Doug (the owner) fed her a sm. rat in the tank. I did NOT approve of this ONLY because "I" can NOT handle her when it's not feeding time!
    However I'm attempting to talk with Paula into allowing me to get her; but as I said; "Paula has a fear of snakes but with Baby Boy's tempermant she was overcoming it!" But..... after her seeing what the snake did today she's afraid that he has a bad disposition; wants nothing to do with it and "we" would be stuck with her no matter what!
    I told her that I think and feel that she can be taught trust.
    Especially if she was in a bigger tank with everything she needs. An especially if I was handleing her between feedings.
    PLEASE tell me YOUR honest opinion + advice!!!!
    I as well as Paula do NOT want to be caught with a LARGE mean snake!
  4. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    The tank is way too small, that is probably a large part of the problem, the snake feels cornered and defensive. I haven't met a snake yet that couldn't be worked with and made to be a good part of the family.
  5. Dana

    Dana Active Member


    Well now all I have to do is talk my partner into letting me continue the payments!!!
    I just wanted to be sure I wasn't going to get in over my head.
    Baby Boy's problem was nothing compare to this. LOL
    I think I would rather deal with a bad shed- compare to an angry snake! LMAO
    Wish me luck!!!! :(
    I paid 50 on 200 of him; so I'm going to try and get him a bigger tank for him sooner than I know I can!
    LOL well if it comes down to it I think Paula will say ok but won't have anything to do with him.

    I use to live about an hr in a half from nyc.
    I looked at your web; I think it's AWESOME!!! I know Paula would kill me if I did anything like that right now. LOL Maybe in time! Right now I end up rescueing them from the pet shop here! That's more than enough!
    If there's ANYTHING i can help with; ANYTHING; PLEASE let me know!
  6. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    Thanks, Good luck!!
  7. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Dana, in my honest opinion, i am not surprised that the snake was p$?!*# off! - you said he was in a tank that is way too small, was cold?!? - is there any warmth in there? - he may not be digesting food properly.. sounds like he isn't getting as much food as he needs.. He doesn't have any of his proper requirements,. wouldn't you be angry and a little upset if you were kept in less-than-ideal conditions??.. You need to get the little boy out of there as soon as you can! (If you can persuade Paula :p ).. I am certain that in the right care and with the right home, your boa will calm down and proove to be a beautiful snake.
  8. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I would also add that if I was paying out on a snake then the shop had darn sure better let me handle it or I would take my money else where! I would never even consider buying a snake I could not handle first. I agree that the cramped conditions could be part of the problem causing the snake to feel cornered as well as if it is still on display in the pet shop there are probably a lot of yay-hoos that come in and bang on the tank to see if they can make it strike. Not an atmosphere conducive to the snake learning to trust people.
    Another thought if the snake is not being kept at a proper temperature you could be buying a sick snake. Illness could also be the cause of an aggressive attitude. I know you wnat the boa but with what I am reading in this post I would seriously reconsider.
  9. Dana

    Dana Active Member


    Well I went up there today to see her and she was fine!! I got her out, handled her for a good 30min. or so.
    The lady at the shop did let me know some intresting facts; there had been an excape; 2 sm. rats had gotten out and had to set traps for them. ("Strikers" tank is sitting on the floor)
    She also told me that she new for a fact that the people who had her before power fed her.
    She did however agree to put her in a bigger tank while he was there and I put a sign on the tank; " Please do NOT take me out or tap my glass!"
    I did however tell her that if she acted like that again before I brought her home; she was going to stay there!"
    I'm trying but I am worried about her temperment. I know this snake can get at least 9' and longer; I don't want it to controle me!

    Thanks EVERYONE for the input! I'll keep ya's posted!
  10. Inphormatika

    Inphormatika Elite Member

    Size-wise, I think an average length is 7' - 8', with 9' - 10' being rare. If you're willing to put the work into it, then you'll be able to get the snake calmed down and "tamed" (as much as they can be tamed) before long. Red-tails can be the most docile of snakes, as long as the work is put into it.

    If your partner is worried, I would suggest you either don't get it, or wait until you can get one with a better disposition. Snakes and other herps are a wonderful hobby, but you don't want them to ruin your relationships.
  11. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    A true red tail, such as a Guyanan, Surinam or Peruvian, will actually average around 10ft, however if it is a cross or a common then it will reach about 7-8ft. It is wise to always have someone with you when handling the snake when it reaches this size, they have power and strength and could very easily control you, even if it had the nicest temprement a snake could have!

    Well done on your achievements with getting the shop owner to get him into better conditions, although they are still not ideal. Hopefully, if you do still decide to bring him home, he will soon be in the correct conditions. Good points made by Merlin by the way, you certainly should consider those points. Good luck :)
  12. Dana

    Dana Active Member

    Heavy thinking

    I thought about what Marlin said; and he as well as everyone else made VERY GOOD points!
    I did hhowever come to the conclusion that it would be best for me NOT to get her.
    I'm going to be starting my classes in the spring and I'm not going to have as much time to work with her as I know I'll need. That and I know Paula still fears her. That alone is not good.
    I'm going to let her pick the next one; but it's not going to be a BP I already have 4. LOL :cool:
  13. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Sounds like you have it figured out! Sometimes you have to step back and wait. There will be a boa for you later on when and if you decide you are ready.
    And keeping peace in the house is VERY imprtant! ;)
  14. BOA68

    BOA68 Member

    Dana, I just went through the same thing this weekend. Except i had my mind set on taking the snake. I took a 5 1/2 RTB from a local pet store. She was is in a small tank and she wasn't being properly kept. She is now in a very large tank that i built and seems to be doing great. The people at the pet store say that she has bitten people before, but i have not seen that side of her yet. She has been nothing but nice.
    In your case 3ft isn't that big that if you get bit it will hurt a lot and with regular handling you will break him of the behavior rather quickly. As some others have said, RTB aren't aggressive snakes and have a very docile nature. All it needs is some TLC.
  15. Jem_Scout

    Jem_Scout Elite Member

    I was throwing around the idea of getting a RTB baby these last few months too. MY hubby isn't fond of snakes and is petrified of the huge I decided not to get the baby RTB and keep peace in my house. I figure that if I can't handle the snake by myself then I shouldn't have it.
    I figure that if it gets loose in the house, the hubby will be running down the sidewalk screaming and I'll be stuck trying to move the snake by myself and that's just not safe ya know? :p I would have to have 3 friends come over to help me with the snake just to clean the cage, 1 just to help me move the snake out of the cage then the 2 have to keep an eye on the snake while I clean the cage....just not worth taking the chance to me.
    I don't think the hubby would appreciate running around town screaming while I handle the snake everyday or once a week while I clean the cage either!! LOL
    And yet the hubby didn't exactly come right out and tell me No either...
    I could see the fear in his eyes.....
    Go look at and handle a full grown RTB and you will be happy that you decided against getting it....that's how I finally made up my mind.
    Scared the crap out of me actually! LOL:p That snake was 11 feet long and weighed ALOT......
  16. kenman1963

    kenman1963 Moderator

    I beleive you made a wise choice.
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