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New Python, Help Setting Up.

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Beastie, Oct 29, 2016.

  1. Beastie

    Beastie Active Member

    So we were recently given an adult male ball python by my FIL, he has been living with then for several years after they rescued him from a horrible prior situation where he was unable to get off his heat source and was badly burned. I would like to give this guy the best life with us possible. He was on newspaper with a cardboard hide a piece of sandstone and a water dish. I noticed yesterday he was looking dehydrated (at least that's what I found when searching the issue), one of his eyes looked a bit dented. He was also having trouble fitting his whole chunky body under his hide. So I removed the newspaper and put down reptichips (coconut husk chunks) and used it to give the hide a bit of a lift, then I misted it down a bit to help with any dehydration. He seemed to like the new digs, I however am still not completely satisfied with his set up and am looking for ways to improve it. His tank is a 40 gallon (tall not breeder) so there isn't a ton of room in it and he doesn't have a hide on the cool side which makes me really uncomfortable. I'm thinking of putting in a largish Tupperware style container and basically putting the water dish on top of it and burying around the Tupperware with the substrate so it's like a den and doesn't take up floor space. Does this seem like it would work? I'm also thinking about getting some fake plants to stick to the walls so make him feel more secure and I have real plants on the outside. I've uploaded a pic of what I have now. I'm also looking for suggestions on cheap hides that would look a bit more aesthetically pleasing than cardboard.

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  2. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    First check out the care sheet here, that will get you a decent start. I would recommend getting a different cage, something with more floor space. Do you know what temps and humidity are, and how are you measuring? Assuming you are using an under tank heater, do you have it on a thermostat? Assuming again, covering the screen top with something, plastic sheeting, saran wrap, or tinfoil, will help keep the needed humidity in. You can also tape brown paper around the outside of the tank (back and both ends) to help him feel more secure.
  3. Beastie

    Beastie Active Member

    We are planning on getting him a new enclosure and a few other things but I just want to make the best out of what he has now, I think we are also gonna get an terrarium background or something for the back at very least. I'm not using an undertank heater yet, currently I'm using a ceramic heat emitter. I have a thermometer/hydrometer combo that I'm using currently but we are going to invest in a temp gun asap. The room temp is 73 and his tank seems to be in the 80's high 80's on hot side and lower 80's on the cool side.

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