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New Python Arrived Today!

Discussion in 'Pythons *General*' started by toddnbecka, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. toddnbecka

    toddnbecka Well Established Member

    This species has been on my short list for a couple years, but I never see any available. I just happened to be looking right when this young female savu turned up on Ben Seigel's page, so I jumped on it. Hope it doesn't take me as long to find a male to go with her.

    Yes, she pooped in the corner, lol.


    She was a bit chilly when I opened the box this morning, so I let her slither around my hand/arm/bathrobe sleeve until she warmed up. A few hours after being placed into the QT tub she was still nosing around, wanting out. I opened the lid, and shortly after that she decided the plastic hide box was a suitable after all. She stayed under that (warm end, over the heat mat) until I lifted the hide to take a few quick pics before turning off the lights for the night.
    Seems quite calm all around, will be kept in the tub for QT for several weeks then placed into an AP T3. Shes close to 36" now, a bit bulkier relative to the length than my 2016 Dominican boas. Doesn't seem as arboreally-inclined either, the boas tend to wrap around and hold on more when handled than she did.

    11.11 Dominican red mountain boas, 0.0.1 Jungle cross carpet python, 0.0.1 IJ carpet python, 0.1 jungle carpet python, 1.1 BCI, 0.1 Dumeril's boa, 0.1 Everglades rat snake, 0.1 thayeri kings, 1.1 Elaphe climacophora, 1.0 fire bull, 0.1 normal bull, 1.1 Candoia paulsoni tasmai. 1.1 Elaphe prasina, 1.1 speckled kings, 0.1 Okeetee corn, 1.0 Woma python.

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