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New Pictures(pic Heavy)

Discussion in 'HH General Discussion' started by schmidt1894, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. schmidt1894

    schmidt1894 Elite Member

    Here are some of my weekly pictures that i post!


    So, Paco... he's amazing... I love him... he's quite funny. every time i open his enclosure, he jumps up to me and jumps on the ledge of his enclosure. EVERYTIME.

    Sassy Sarge... jeeze.. she does have a temper... she hisses so loud that i can hear her(when i have my implant on)! and I'M DEAF! She is a fiesy little thing... She's been tough to get out of her enclosure.... with all the patho's vines and whatnot.. so i trimmed it back a little... since shes getting a bit bigger she could use little more room. anyways, once i get her out, shes a good girl:)

    Big momma.... shes lookin good:) she is still shedding her tail and the top of her head...but other than that, she's definitally gaining alot of weight..:) she loves her crickets!! and mangos! she loves mangos!

    Cola... As you can see, hes getting ready to shed his body.. :) last week he was shedding his legs, tail, and his head.. I cant wait for him to shed his body, he's gonna look so good! He's been devoring his salads... i cant keep up with him and his salad! He's eating more and more crickets too.. He's lookin better and better each day. Some days, he's slow... but he's doing better. Cant wait to see him getting big and fully grown. i've been working with him more and more, and now i can reach in and grab him to hold him. he used to not let me touch him or hold him at all.... like even if i were to look at him, he wanted to tear me apart... but now he's starting to let me interact with him more and more... im quite happy.

    now next week, when i get my tongs, ill be able to tong feed all of themand get more interaction with them:) hopefully they all will like supersworms!!

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  2. Pharoahound

    Pharoahound Elite Member

    Very cute crestie. Everyone's very cute-but yeah that bearded dragon does look a little fat.How much mango and crickets do you feed and how often?
  3. schmidt1894

    schmidt1894 Elite Member

    Thank you!:) yes, he was sick over the summer... and was left a perment scar... but other than that he's still a handsome little guy.

    And, a little fat? I think its the positon of the way shes laying on the log.. But, crickets... i just ran out of my 1000 friday... and will be getting more this saturday. But she tends to eat 30-40 crickets a day along with her salad(collard greens, green bell pepper, carrots, green beans, mangos, strawberries) the fruits are very little, i put them on the bottom of the dish so she has to eat her way to them cuz she wont eat her salad unless theres fruit. She gets very very little fruit.... Yes i know, ive spoiled her:)

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