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New Owner of a Two Year Old Snake

Discussion in 'Boas *General*' started by airsicko, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. airsicko

    airsicko New Member

    Hey, New to the forum, New to the snake ownership.

    I got this snake for my 13 year old son. We ignorantly dove in to the game knowing very little. The snake had been fed two days previous and we had no problem picking it up, handling it, and carrying it around. The snake was incredibly patient and easy going.
    Then I fed it with a live mouse as had been done by the previous owner. Now I just don't have the confidence to reach into the cage and handle it as I did with my ignorant bliss.
    The snake is very curious of any touching, it will turn and face anything touching it in a coiled position. I expect that the snake will always be very aware of and curious of anything in it's cage, but... I'm worried I'm just not interpreting it's body language correctly and I might get tagged trying to pick it up.
    It's a boa, not sure of the subspecies, and I think it's a female.
    I tried using a glove, but it seems difficult to gently fish between coils and pick it up with a reasonable amount of pressure that wouldn't harm or annoy the snake.
    Previous owner was a thirteen year old girl, who probably covered it in lipstick kisses and never got tagged.
    I have noticed that once the snake has been out of the cage it doesn't seem to want to get put back in, and tries to climb out. There's no issue putting it in the cage, it's just getting it out that has me worried.
    Anyone with some insight into how to read the snake?
  2. Versicolor

    Versicolor Well-Known Member

    That coiled pose is most likely it's 'striking' position. But, if the snake is just loosely turning to look at whatever touched it and not in a spring-like position it's probably not thinking of really tagging you. It's hard to tell without being there, and even harder when you don't know the subspecies of the snake. Could you post some pictures or describe it's coloring, size and pattern? Is it a desert snake(I.E. Sand boa) or more tropical?(I.E. Red tailed boa)
  3. aubreyS

    aubreyS Member

    How big is it also? If its small like two feet or smaller it wont hurt,like a big ant without the lingering pain. But I doubt it wanted to bite just wondering what that giant is doing.
  4. medusa1974

    medusa1974 Well-Known Member

    I tell anyone who is new to snakes. Chances are you are going to get bit, it is just a fact of owning snakes. But like Versicolor said it really depends on what kind of coiled position its in, and this doesn't necessarily mean it is or isn't gonna strike. My Retics will strike from a completely relaxed position. Without pics or more info all I can say is when you are getting her out you have to pick her up and handle her with confidence. You can also try to hook train her, all my retics are hook trained so they know when I am hooking them that it is time to come out. again be prepared to be bit. I've been bit by my 17ft female retic, it isn't pleasant but it won't kill you.

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