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New Male

Discussion in 'Emerald Tree Boa/Arboreal Boas' started by Dogboa, Jan 16, 2005.

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  1. Dogboa

    Dogboa Elite Member

    We found this male in a ad last week and he arrived on Tuesday. If we get some sun today, we'll get some better pics.


  2. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Beautiful baby!! Congratulations. I love that bright green. How old is he?
  3. Dogboa

    Dogboa Elite Member

    He is about 3 years.
  4. Jem_Scout

    Jem_Scout Elite Member

    He's bright even without the sun on him!
    Very pretty green!
    Do you happen to have a pic of your snake room? I'd love to see all your snakes "hanging around"! lol :p
  5. Dogboa

    Dogboa Elite Member

    I wish! LOL We don't have a "snake room". We have our animals distributed between our livingroom (which is vertually unused), our bedroom and a nursery in an unused bathroom.

  6. venus

    venus Founding Member

    WOW, he is awesome. Great pics.
  7. Joe

    Joe Elite Member

    Another great looking snake Craig!!

    LOL, sounds familliar, we have a "snake room", which was our bedroom, but we were running out of space so the snakes got the bigger bedroom....but there are still snakes in our bedroom where it is now and the lounge.
  8. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Don't it though! :D
    I have enclosures all over the apartment. The only room that is safe is the kitchen.

    Wouldn't want fumes from failed cooking experiments bothering the babies now would we! :rolleyes:
  9. El SD Fan

    El SD Fan Banned User

    oh, im jealous :p
  10. Dogboa

    Dogboa Elite Member

    Ha! I wouldn't want the fumes from some of our excellent cooking to bother them. :D I'm a chilihead and Cajun food freak. Some chili powders are deadly ie chipoltle, arbol, habenero and even ancho can be eye watering and a good gumbo or jambalya can draw tears while in the early stages of cooking.
  11. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    He's a stunner!
    And looking around my house I can also say the only room without an animal in it is the kitchen. lol
  12. Ace

    Ace Elite Member


    that is one beautiful snake you always have the most stunning lovely snakes!

    So far all my critters are in my bedroom except the puppies ( cause they scare my wd) lol! :D
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