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New Lizard Ideas?

Discussion in 'Lizards - General' started by Nemothesalamander, May 12, 2017.

  1. Nemothesalamander

    Nemothesalamander New Member

    Hi there! so, I have a lot of pets and recently I've had like 3 tanks laying around. I was thinking of getting another lizard. Here's the thing, I havent had a Lizard in awhile (AkA 4 years since my CWD passed away) plus I was thinking of getting something small-medium sized, My largest tank is the issue, it's 3' long by 1 wide by 2' tall (our old fish tank) which obviously puts a huge!!! Limiter on choices. I can say whatever I get, will be coming out often to exercise and socialize but I'm not positive on what may fit such standards, I was thinking pink tongue? I also have a smaller 2ft long 1.5ft wide and 1ft tall tank wich I could also fill. Any Ideas are welcome! (No I can't have a snake my mother cannot stand the idea of mice in her house dead or alive,not to mention she's not a huge fan of snakes, a garter is the most I would be able to convince her of)
  2. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    A bit too narrow for a pink or blue tongue. With 12" of width I would look at something smaller than 12" long.
    It's funny that people don't like mice but waking up with escaped crickets in the bed is not a problem?
    My wife squished a cricket under her pillow one night--not impressed.
    Although a dead blaptica dubia falling out of the laundry room cupboard got her a little more hot under the collar.
  3. Nemothesalamander

    Nemothesalamander New Member

    Haha yup, thanks for the advice. Funny enough I actually have pet rats XD apparently they're okay, cause they're like mini dogs(reasonable and sweet), and they're clean (in general and bathed regularly) plus they're kept in our shop so they keep away mice, it's allll about the mice XD
  4. Well it really depends on what you want there's high maintenance or low maintenance desert or rainforest what kind of setup do you have available and what price your wanting to go

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