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Discussion in 'HH General Discussion' started by HDreptiles, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. HDreptiles

    HDreptiles Elite Member

    This is why I have not made it to the pet store yet.




    The first one is my street, in the next two, those piles of snow are the cars.



    And those two are the main street. Hopefully tomorrow and all will be clear. We shall see. Then it is off to the pet store to pimp out the cages.

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  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Looks like around here!
    Come on SPRING!
  3. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    We had another 40 cm last night :eek: we just cleared off our roof from last weeks storm, it needs to be done again. Maybe I should put some extra insurance out on my husband :-" Just in case
    SPRING, what's that, my brain is frozen:confused:
  4. HDreptiles

    HDreptiles Elite Member

    It was insane out there. I was out there all day shoveling, I started at about 9:30 and did not finish until about 4:30. I also succeeded in messing my back up. So I still have not gotten anything for the cages. Hopefully tomorrow, if I feel better.
  5. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    That s***s! I hate that, snow blowers help a little bit, take care of that back, stretch and put some heat on that. A little Ibuprofen Then stretch before you get out of bed, more heat. Doctors orders
  6. HDreptiles

    HDreptiles Elite Member

    I will try that tomorrow before work. I have some good pain killers and good muscle relaxers, but I can't take either one at work (I work in a factory and need to be as sober as possible) but hopefully after today it will be ok. I am going to make it to the pet store tomorrow though, the critters need to eat.
  7. Anthony14

    Anthony14 Elite Member

    Well if your gecko uses it's moist hide all the time and your worried about the humidity level, just don't mist it until you notice your leopard gecko going into shed. Mine usually doesn't use his moist hide unless he's going in to shed, then hes in their for the 3-4 days leading up to the shed and that's when I mist it.

    So I would assume you check on your fat-tail daily and if it sheds anything like a leopard gecko you can probably notice a shed a few days before it happens. When you notice just start misting the moist hide regularily, thats what I do anyways. :p
  8. HDreptiles

    HDreptiles Elite Member

    Finally got some moist hides goin for both enclosures. Simple, a couple of sandwich size plastic containers and some moss. I put them on the cool end of both tanks. I will watch them for the next few days to see how they work.

    The geckos.

    The snakes.

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