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New Guy, Rescued an Iguana...

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by Rickenbackerman, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. LLoydene

    LLoydene Elite Member

    Is he entering his time for season? They will do it then. :)
  2. Rickenbackerman

    Rickenbackerman Elite Member

    He's been better lately, he'll "miss" the potty about once out of four. Better than before! This was how he slept last night, totally chillaxed. We call it the "Superlizard" pose as if he's flying through the air.


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  3. redtailgal

    redtailgal Elite Member

    He is such a handsome guy! I read your thread (thanks for sharing it with me) and it DOES have a happy ending!

    My Elroy had a little problem tonight. I think perhaps he was possessed for a little while. SKITZO lizard. I updated my thread with the story, I hope I handled it ok. Goodness knows, he doesnt need anymore baggage.

    Man, would I like to see Elroy totally chilled like your boy!

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