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New Giant White Knee Sling!

Discussion in 'Arachnids General' started by SpidaFly, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. SpidaFly

    SpidaFly Elite Member

    Wife OK'd me getting another sling, so seized the opportunity and found a Giant White Knee sling in town!

    A video is worth a million words, so:

    When I got it home it was refusing food: Giant White Knee sling refuses dubia roach - YouTube

    So I tried again today: Giant White Knee sling accepts food - YouTube

    I'm heading out to get a nicer box for him. I need to figure out something for him to hide in, too. I was thinking maybe a thimble laid on its side would make a nice burrow? Hmm.
  2. SpidaFly

    SpidaFly Elite Member

    Now, I don't really think arachnids are "cute"... really awesome and I enjoy keeping them, but.. somehow this picture is "cute". This was taken right after i moved him out of the deli cup into better accommodations.

  3. SpidaFly

    SpidaFly Elite Member

    Oh yeah, water+pebbles removed after some research. I expect no rants, please. They were in there for no more than a couple hours.
  4. AjaMichelle

    AjaMichelle Elite Member

    It takes some trial and error to figure out what works. :). He's a cutie!
  5. skelly98

    skelly98 Elite Member

    AWWW ITS SO CUTIE WOOTIE lol i love t's! good luck!
  6. Jeninpa76

    Jeninpa76 Elite Member

    UGH! I didn't know it was a spider!!! lol God I HATE spiders!
  7. AjaMichelle

    AjaMichelle Elite Member

    I love spiders!!! :)

    I have quite the free roaming spider collection in my herp room. I was moving some things around last week and felt something on my face. I thought it was a stray hair but to my surprise there was a spider in my eyelashes!

    I let it go. :)
  8. SpidaFly

    SpidaFly Elite Member

    If you hate spiders... why did you click on my thread in the arachnids sub-forum to insult my new animal :p
  9. skelly98

    skelly98 Elite Member

    lol then why come here? we love t's, and you didnt really have to come here if you didnt like spiders.... besides its harmless, couldnt hurt you if it wanted to.
  10. SpidaFly

    SpidaFly Elite Member

    I bet that's handy in a herp room. I don't have a proper herp room but the various enclosures around my living room/kitchen do tend to draw the bugs in...
  11. SpidaFly

    SpidaFly Elite Member

    Oh yeah, I checked on it this afternoon to see what its up to, and hey, a burrow!


    I wonder... do I need to do anything to support that burrow, or will he web the walls? That's just coco husk substrate... and he seems to have made the burrow right by the rocks.

    Edit: Ugh that's a bad picture. There's quite a hole there actually, probably 1" deep.
  12. aeral

    aeral Elite Member

    Very cool little guy. Not a huge fan of spiders. (in fact, I'm quite terrified of them) but they're really a cool creature to watch. :)

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