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New Gargoyle Gecko Owner (when To Start Handling?)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by PeacexWalker, May 14, 2018.

  1. PeacexWalker

    PeacexWalker New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm a brand new reptile owner and I'm looking forward to become a part of this community to better know and understand the care/needs for my garg along with also enjoying the fact I can actually talk with people who are just as happy and excited with reptiles as I am without the tiring but friendly jokes of "Why don't you stick to something normal that you can cuddle like a cat or a dog?" I love cats and dogs but ever since I was a kid I was just fascinated with reptiles, especially geckos.:D

    I recently got my little friend(Cipher) at an expo a little over a week ago and as much as I wanted to get all the info I could, the breeder told me he wasn't sure on the actual hatch day but believes Cipher's about a year old or so. I weighed him the first day he came home (but forgot to measure his actual size) and he turned out to be 26g. After moving him to his 18x18x24, I've been keeping a close eye on him. I've fed him a couple times by holding out the container to him in the tank and just before the end of the week I'm pleased to see he's digesting the food and is now pooping occasionally. This morning I woke up to find that he ate on his own for the first time from the rock ledge.

    With that 'summary' done, I'm curious to when could I start any short handling sessions with my garg?

    The only handling I've 'attempted' since he came home was about 5 days ago when he just barely stepped out onto my hand to get to the food container but after he had some food he hesitated back into the tank. I attempted to try handling yesterday when I gently lowered my open hand partially under his chin but all he did was slowly turn away and face the wall but I'm sure the reason could be because it was daytime too. I know they say it depends on the gecko but judging by these scenarios and time of adjustment, what would you recommend as a period to possibly begin to interact more with him so he gets further used to me so that I could take him out and clean his tank when needed?

    -With many thanks in advance! :)

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