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New BTS Athena

Discussion in 'Skinks' started by cptechguy, May 29, 2014.

  1. cptechguy

    cptechguy Active Member

    Hey guys I have had a lot of luck on this site with my Chinese Water dragon and just now Got a BTS so figured i would come here with my questions. The only real question i have is What are good sources of protean for these guys i know a lot of people use dog food? are there any particular brands\types that any of y'all have had luck with? For the time being i am using pinkies and red-wigglers and super worms for protein. here are some pictures of my new BTS and the Cage i just built for her too! ahtnea.jpg IMG_0298[1].jpg These pictures where taken as soon as i built the cage and more items have been put in cage for hiding spots and basking spots. Any advice for new BTS will be welcome the only issue i have with her now is when i unhide her she will try and snap at me but once i cool her down she has no problem with me.
  2. aromatherapykim

    aromatherapykim Elite Member

    I've had my bts for nearly a month now and I've been using blue buffalo grain free dog food to mix veggies and greens in (that's the only way they'll eat their greens). I've also heard that wellness is great. I also use dubia as a main live protein source. I'm on the look out for starting a snail colony and night crawler colony. I've heard they go crazy for snails.
    The main protein that drives my two crazy is chicken hearts. I boil them for just a minute or two and chop them up. They love it
  3. cptechguy

    cptechguy Active Member

    mine actually is eating greens and vegetables without being mixed surprisingly because i got told the same thing when i bought her. thanks for the info on the protein and yea i have heard they love snails.
  4. lisas

    lisas Elite Member

    Both of your protein sources sound good. You can get canned snails - they love them, and are from Indonesia (can o snails brand). I freeze them and defrost as needed. Mine gets crickets, superworms, and sometimes cooked meats (much of the time organ) and cooked chicken eggs (not often though).

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