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New Ball Cinnamon Python Owner And New To The Forum

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Borislav, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. Borislav

    Borislav Member

    Hello folks!

    My daughter and I just got our first snake from Sabrina's in Rhode Island which is an absolutely awesome shop . It is a cinnamon ball. We have now had him for a week and he has been absolutely awesome. He has never rolled up into a ball, does not mind being handled and even pet on the head. He has spent every day in his hot or cold hide and a lot more active at night.

    Today was the first time he ate at our house. Took a frozen thawed like a champ and is now basking under his red light as I type this.

    We are absolutely overjoyed with this little guy!

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  2. Garters45

    Garters45 Well-Known Member

    Adorable snake! They are great first time pets. It's also nice to hear that your daughter is interested in them. Very cool animals.
  3. Borislav

    Borislav Member

    Thanks for the kind words! I was trying to decide between a dwarf boa and a ball and decided to go with a ball as from what I understand they are a little easier to deal with for a new snake owner. Maybe in a few years we will be ready for a Crawl Kay or Hog Island. :) Until that time we will be having fun with Gringo the Cinnamon Ball Python.
  4. toddnbecka

    toddnbecka Well Established Member

    Personally I would have gone with the boa, but you seem to be doing better than average with your new ball python. Taking f/t rather than live is always a plus for a new snake. I'd swap out the red light for an ultratherm heat mat though. Belly heat is better for digesting prey than a basking light, and certainly better at night. There's some debate whether snakes can see red light, but with a good quality heat mat (ultratherm won't get hot enough to cook your critters even w/out a t-stat to regulate it) it's a moot point. They also use a lot less electricity, and don't burn out or explode like some light bulbs.
  5. Borislav

    Borislav Member

    I actually have both a pad and the light. Maybe I should lose one?

    I actually have one hide in the left corner under the light.

    And on the other side I have another cold hide.

    And the heat mat is kind of in the middle and there is another hide there so he has three places to go.

    He can go under the red light or he can go in the middle where the mat is or on the far right side where I do not have either.
  6. Borislav

    Borislav Member

    So i just bought a heat gun today and measured all my temps.

    Under the light on the left side it was 85-87ish and this is where he spends most of his time. On the right side where he doesn't go often but has gone a few times it is 76-78ish.

    And to my horror in the middle where the heat pad was the temp was 100. The heat pad was not regulated and it was running way too hot which explains why he does not like to stay in the middle at all.

    I'm going to ditch all of these I guess and go out tomorrow and buy a heat pad with a thermostat.

    I'm going to wait until he is done digesting though before I take him out to place the new pad under the tank.

    I fed him 26 hours ago so I figure I'll wait another 46 hours before I handle him.

    At that point I will pull everything out and put the new heat pad on.

    While I certainly made a mistake he seems to be pretty happy over all. Even before I fed him he spent his days in the hide and nights hunting in the tank so I don't think he was stressed out.

    For humidity I just spray water on different rocks and logs I have in the tank and I also have 3 small water bowels and one large one.

    I was thinking about buying him a fogger to keep the humidity up a bit higher at least when he goes into shed.
  7. toddnbecka

    toddnbecka Well Established Member

    I use pure cypress mulch for higher humidity, most of my boas and pythons need it too. Check out reptile basics online for ultratherm heat mats and cypress mulch, and the bean farm for inexpensive thermostats. I use Helix and herpstats for my critters, but I have 23 snakes now and expecting 2 litters of Dominican red mountain boas soon. A single t-stat for each enclosure simply wouldn't be practical for me. Some of my plastic tubs don't have a t-stat on the mats, I just shim up the tubs a wee bit if the surface temp is too high sitting directly on the mat. Large pieces (12x12 or larger) of ceramic tile are also good with the ultratherms, particularly for setting a large water bowl on top of inside the enclosure. My snakes seem to like a warm soak, and it helps with humidity as well.
  8. Borislav

    Borislav Member

    So for now just until i can get the new regulated heat mat should I turn the unregulated of since it took the temp up to 100. I know its not optimal but the light gives me about 85-86-87ish so can I use that for now just until i'm able to move him on Wednesday morning when he is done digesting?

    I don't think I should be running a heat pad in the middle of the tank at 100... I think thats way to hot for him.
  9. toddnbecka

    toddnbecka Well Established Member

    You can use the mat you have now, just add a thermostat to regulate the temp. Main problem with cheap t-stats is they tend to fail in the "on" position, rather than shutting off. Even if the snake isn't laying directly on the warm spot it's still heating that end of the tank, the snake simply finds the spot that suits best. (Though if the snake never uses that part of the tank that could be the reason.) Adding a layer of substrate will also affect the heat transfer. If you're using newspaper or aspen for bedding it won't make much difference, but a fairly heavy layer of moist mulch will. Though the mulch over the heated end does dry out much quicker, it still maintains a higher humidity in the enclosure overall.
  10. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    First, yes unplug the mat until you get a t-stat. There are none on the market that come with one built in that I'm aware of, and all have the potential to get too hot unregulated. If you want a top of the line unit, I can't recommend herpstats enough, they are not cheap but they are all I will buy new. If you just want to get something cheap for now, the hurricane units can be had off Amazon for less than $40, often with free shipping. I would also recommend putting the mat at one end if you can peel it off without damaging it, and then you can ditch the bulb altogether.
  11. Borislav

    Borislav Member

    Thanks for your help. I turned of the pad for now. I have a nice thermo on order from amazon. I will def try to move the pad and if that does not work ill just get a new one - no sweat. I wish I knew the unregulated would go up to 100... I was overheating my snake. I am so mad at myself.
  12. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    I can't edit my post, that was supposed to be hydrofarm, not hurricane. Sometimes I wish autocorrect was a person so I could slap it, lol.

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