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New Baby Sand Boa Feeding Problems

Discussion in 'Rosy Boas & Sand Boas' started by Kevinwho, Jun 23, 2018.


Why won't my sand boa eat?

  1. Wrong temperature

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  2. He's sick

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  3. Other factors

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  1. Kevinwho

    Kevinwho New Member

    I recently online purchased a baby albino kenyan sand boa from snakes at sunset on and it arrived at 6/12/18. I emailed them for information in the snake but the only thing they gave me was that it was 3 months old and on their website it said they feed them pinkies regularly. My first mistake was handling it too much, after doing more research I decided to leave the snake alone for a few days and then I tried offering it a pinky from time to time without him taking it. The thermostat temperature says to be around 77 (I have a baking lamp) and humidity around 30% but the substrate and heatmat are in the low 90s with a jump start thermostat. I have the uth on one side and the lamp in the middle. Can anyone help me as to why he isn't eating?? Please and thank you A quick note is that he does move around but I never see it cause he always burrows and I just try to leave him alone. But he seems to always be on the warm end.
    I recently tried dripping a pinky in chicken broth, braining it and leaving the two in a deli cup all in one night and it didn't work, Please help!

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