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New Adopter with Q's

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by Rabbit16v, May 1, 2009.

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  1. Gracelikerain18

    Gracelikerain18 Elite Member

    I have noticed when I turn the lights out in my tank the humidity goes up several degrees. Unless you are going to use an alternative heat source (heating pads) then you kinda need those on... so I'm not sure either. I bought some Sphagnum moss today. I'm going to try wetting that down and setting it around her hide to see if that will help with the humidity. She's getting ready to shed so I need it up a few degrees.
  2. Rabbit16v

    Rabbit16v Member

    well, I have a heating pad that I haven't put in yet. I'm kinda in the dark on using it. Is it ok to put under the tanks or where should I put them? they look like it could get dangerous with the pads. if I use the pads I'll take away the heating light and just use my regular lights for the daytime hours.
  3. Gracelikerain18

    Gracelikerain18 Elite Member

    You can put them under the tank. Just make sure your tank isn't going to be sitting directly on the table (the pad should come with little feet-type things). You also don't want to have the pad on bottom if you are worried about the surface being ruined. There are possible fire hazards with the heating pad but as long as you keep the pad directly off the table it should be fine. I placed my heating pad on the side of the tank that I wanted to keep the warmest because I was worried about the table warping or burning. It honestly doesn't provide enough heat on the side so I use bulbs 15w red bulbs with a fish-aquarium type lid. My boyfriend placed his on bottom and he said the temp on the floor of the tank got to be around 110 degrees. So if you want to use that on bottom I would suggest getting a timer.

    Hope that helps.
  4. shwknight

    shwknight Elite Member

    What you can do is mount the UTH to a piece of glass and then put it under the tank.

    What I did is get an old picture frame from the thrift store and mounted my UTH to it and then I just put a towel down and raised the tank 1/4 inch with a couple small pieces of wood. Hook it up to a thermostat and put your thermometer probe right on the ground over the UTH, then adjust the thermostat to the temp you want. This is the thermostat I use...

    Entry Detail
  5. Chris1974

    Chris1974 Elite Member

    Yeah. A heat pad along with the thermostat is the easiest and most effective way to go.

    I am using the heat lamps right now, but as said earlier, they really suck the humidity out of the tank. The heat pad will help a lot with this as well.
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