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Need to Find Godzilla a New Home Asap!

Discussion in 'Adoptions' started by Zanoske00, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Zanoske00

    Zanoske00 Member

    Hi everyone, I just changed jobs and can no longer care for my 3 year old water dragon the way I used to. I'd like to find him a new home so he can continue to live a happy, healthy life! Please spread the word to ANYONE who you think may be interested! I live in Northern NJ and would be willing to travel throughout the state to meet up if necessary.

    Godzilla is currently living in a 90 gallon tank which is in like new condition and comes with 2 removable lid tops. I have a hood light fixture that stretches the entire length of the tank perfectly without hanging off or being too short at all. Also a dome lamp with heat bulb. Inside his tank are some fun fixtures, some greenery, and a hammock. I also have a mister that I just bought a month ago.

    I'm willing to give Godzilla away but I want to sell his living accessories. Anyone interested in purchasing in order to take Godzilla understand that I'm not looking for a profit! I just want to find him a good home and make just a bit of my investment back. All together retail Godzilla's setup would go for about $400. I'd like to get $200 for everything or best offer.

    I'll check the thread and my message box on here regularly until something hits. Please help Godzilla find a good home =)

    100_0802.jpg 100_0805.jpg 100_0815.jpg
  2. Zanoske00

    Zanoske00 Member

    So I can't see a way to edit my post so I'm just going to tac on a bit more through a reply.

    This thread has gotten quite a few views but so far no responses so I just wanted to clarify that Godzilla is up for adoption for FREE to a good home. The tank and his equipment is what is for sale.
  3. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    I hope you find him a good home!
  4. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    I would gladly take him but I am in Az.
  5. skelly98

    skelly98 Elite Member

    Make sure that whoever takes him puts him in a larger enclosure. Nothing against you, but 90 gallon petshop tanks really are not suitable for one of these giants....
  6. Zanoske00

    Zanoske00 Member

    Thanks for the well wishes!

    I'm at the end of my rope. I'm willing to give away all of Godzilla's equipment on top of putting him up for adoption! Anyone interested is going to have to go through a short interview just so I know you actually know what you're getting but Godzilla and his whole set up is FREE. Someone please help us out =(
  7. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Ok now I really wish I lived closer. Do you have a deadline on when he has to be gone?
  8. Zanoske00

    Zanoske00 Member

    No, but I love that you're enthusiastic(sp?). Do you think you can actually get over this side of the states? Sooner the better
  9. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Unfortunately Not for a year. I am bound by contract to stay in Az till 2013 or the end of the world, whichever comes first. Not kidding it actually states that.
  10. Zanoske00

    Zanoske00 Member

    o_O that's rather odd. Well let me know what your status is on Jan. 1st 2013 and if Godzilla hasn't found a home can come get him.

    Anyone still interested should still contact me though! (No offense Thalatte =P)
  11. schmidt1894

    schmidt1894 Elite Member

    Awh:/ poor Godzilla. I hope he finds a quick home! If I was closer and had space I would take him in a heart beat!

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