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Need Some Help With A Goldie

Discussion in 'Geckos - Other' started by Zakk, Dec 11, 2017.

  1. Zakk

    Zakk New Member

    20171211_071117.jpg 20171211_071126.jpg 20171211_063648.jpg 20171211_063557.jpg 20171208_182113.jpg 20171208_182113.jpg 20171205_230506.jpg 20171205_145124.jpg 20171203_181651.jpg 20171203_161104.jpg Ok so first not a beginner to reptiles or at least don’t consider myself one...altho I’m far from an expert...ive owned a veriety....sand boa...ball python....a few boa constrictors....and a leopard issue my start things off I’d like to list my current knowledge and some other information to help better explain everything....

    1: not sure the sex...the person I got it from at a reptile expo told me it was female...

    2: I have only handled it 2 times...when I got it ...and when I transferred it to its temp home (10 gallon...i know I need a bigger tank and I’m working on it) but when i purchased the gecko it was in a container the size of a nightcrawler container.....and the 10 gallon was all I had...and admittedly...i didn’t really research was an impulse buy because I wanted a new little friend lol

    3: I purchased 2 lizards..1 black.... 1 fairly whitish yellow....i didn’t know that it wasent a different morph....and yes I mean black...not died that night....but the other seems to be a good weight judging by all the pics I’ve seen...and it usually stays a pale blueish color with exeption to its tail (solid goldish) and a strip of yellowish brown (gold) coloration stripe all the way to the back of its neck...and the yellow often changes depending on the lizards aware dark means stress...and I’ve heard most goodies aren’t really gold (like Wikipedia pic) so I’m wondering if "she’s" relatively healthy....or what I can do to bring "her" mood up....

    4: ive owned it for id say...perhaps 8 days...and still can’t get "her" to eat...ive put in an abundance of mealworms... (usually 10) just so it catches her eye... (as some move some don’t really)...ive left a small dish of pureed baby food..and nothing...i have a small water dish set up but it’s untouched...

    5: I mist twice daily and keep the heat during the day at around 80ish and the humidity ranges from like to stabilize it alot more...but don’t really know how...i use a 50 watt incandescent for day...and a blue reptile 50 watt for night hours...although my room stays around 70-80 degrees...ive heard about the bubbling air stones...for humidity...and heating pads instead of lights...but idk...never used either...

    6: I have not taken her to a vet...for the same reason I don’t have a bigger I’m really trying to do my best with what I have...and my own research..but behavior seems pretty normal from what I understand...she darts for safety rather than really trying to get out too much..but does have that "I’m planning my escape" feel...she has no interest in being touched at all or picked up..she will flee everytime...or sort what I call a "tail whip and run maneuver" if you touch her...and if you do manage to get her...she will leap from your hand to shirt..and scurry straight for the shoulder... as well as she tends to shift between the top of a rock structure(large aquarium fake stone)-(acts as a basking platform.which is completely out in the open..and closest spot to the light also the same structure has a cave sort of area with 2 holes which she hides in and peeks out of to watch me go about my day)... and her second favorite spot.. ( vinyl vines with leaves I’ve strung through the plastic slated lid to form a canopy/hammock and made it rather dense....i also have a log with colored vynal plants sitting upright on the right hand back corner as to give her a place to crawl into off the canopy( which she doesn’t do...she never goes near the log for any she doesn’t like it honestly....or is just disinterested and I may be removing to give her more space..cause it does seem kinda cluttered with both large structures...also I have a "moss mat" instead of substrate because a bad incident when my leopard got choked...and to try and help with well as I have 3 sides cardboarded to promote again trying to figure out a way to promote more happiness with what I have available atm...

    7: she is in a secluded room...and I usually work from her day/night scheduals is a bit off...dont know if that matters or not...

    And general concerns at this point are A:she won’t eat....and B:is she a healthy color because behavior seems pretty healthy...ive found 3 poops all piled fat grains of white rice..and seem to be apparent slime...or goop...just a slightly wet appearance..and another tiny itty bitty cluster of 3 that seems to be a little more brownish and less wet looking and much more another with the white poop I believe she is hydrated I’ve read they prefer to lick moisture off leaves than out of a bowl...the canopy I’ve built kinda acts as a hammock/mist collector and she’s in it frequently...about 40% of the time I check on her....i tend to check on her alot...every hour or very attentive to her...but also very standoffish as to not stress her with handling...i don’t ever open the lid (which requires you to lift it out completely ) unless it’s to change food/water or to mist in which case I usually only lift it slightly and mist with a spray bottle thru the crack....and I have an old 20171211_071126.jpg 20171211_063648.jpg shirt on top covering 80% Or so to block in as Much humidity as possible...because the lid is highly slatted...i leave just enough room for the light on top...and a small area around the light to "breathe" or "vent" I’m just wondering if there is anything I can do to make her happier? Is there any info I may be missing...i kinda get the basics...and I’ve checked wiki on general info about her species and homeland....the tey ninh providence in vietnam also known as black virgin mountain and all the YTD graphs of its heat and humidity ranges as well as anual just like to know if I’m missing something...and if there’s anything I can do short term untill I get her 30 gallon vertical tank...i have so Much love for our scaly little friends..and it really broke my heart when the other died... (found it next to the water dish completely straightened out and arms tucked in to its the time they were housed in an 18 gallon plastic tote...together..but pretty much kept a distance from one another...the black was always on the lid...while the one I still have hid in the bottom under some paper towels...i know she seems alot happier now...but there’s still alot of improvement I’d like to see...all in all she seems kinda curious about me when I check on her...i feel like she watches me as much as I watch information anyone can give me would be very much appreciated... View attachment 87922 View attachment 87923 View attachment 87924 View attachment 87925
  2. Owen Baranoski

    Owen Baranoski Well-Known Member

    A lot going on here. This is quite the case. I'm not too well informed on this species, so I've got no input, but it seems like there is quite a bit of attention needed here.
  3. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    I'd try crickets or roaches, mealworms often don't move enough to catch their eye. And ditch the shirt on top, and find some sort of plastic, even saran wrap will work. The shirt will actually not do much to hold in humidity. And cover as much of the top as possible, right up tight to the fixture if possible. It's easier to uncover a bit if the humidity ends up too high than to keep having to add to the covering.
  4. Zakk

    Zakk New Member

    Ok so I've managed to get a sex...its a male...ive gotten him to eat strawberry banana baby food...and I've upgraded to a 20 gallon tank which seems to suit him alot better....although now his color has shifted to really I believe the rehoming is stressing him out quite alot...i got a 2 sided steel folding reptile lid for the 20 gallon..and I'm now using saran wrap as well as repti-soil instead of the moss matt....theres about 6 crickets in the tank atm....he hasent came out of hiding....even during the night.....he doesn't really move much atm...but I did get him to eat just a small serving of baby food....he doesn' seem interested in the crickets...actually he kinda acts oblivious to them for the most part....but the new tank set up has been holding humidity alot better...and yes golden geckos are the hardest to take care of...or so I've heard...they will intentionally starve themselves out of sheer stubborness....and from what I can tell...they are not popular because of it...they require alot more care than any reptile I've seen...and yet are purely a "display" lizard....they hate being as much as I hate to admit it...i kind f made a mistake....not that I don' care about him....its just alot more than what I thought...the guy at the expo told me they were very easy to care for...and that couldn't be any more false...the ease of stress and the stubborness is stressing me lol....i keep reading about how other people have had to force feed their golden for sometimes up to a year because of their known stubborness
  5. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, I only know what I`ve read on the internet about this species, and from that I think your temps are too low, how are you measuring those and the humidity range?
    I do not believe the behaviour is anything to do with being "stubborn", more likely stress and the conditions they are kept in.
    Forced feeding is extremely stressful and is an absolute last resort, if people are doing that for periods of one year something is badly wrong.
  6. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    As far as I know this species is not usually bred in captivity and the ones you purchase are usually imported wild caught animals which sometimes can have issues adapting to captivity. A week or two without food is nothing, especially since you just got the animal about a week or two ago.
    Please don't force feed yet it will only increase the stress levels that are preventing the animal from in the first place. Make sure your husbandry is correct and then leave the gecko alone for a while to eat and I'm sure it will come around

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