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Need Rosy Boa Help

Discussion in 'Rosy Boas & Sand Boas' started by autumnsdebri, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. autumnsdebri

    autumnsdebri Member

    I've had a rosy boa for a little over seven weeks now, and she hasn't eaten since I've gotten her. She's in a ten gallon tank with a screen lid, and she's on aspen bedding. The warm side of her tank has a night bulb as well as an under-the-tank-heater, and stays between 80 and 84 degrees. The cold side is approximately low 70's. The temp is measured with a digital thermometer.

    I got this girl as a newborn at 12inches long, and she'd supposedly eaten twice before I purchased her. Her colors were bright, as were her eyes, but over the last seven weeks that's changed dramatically. She refuses to eat, be it live, frozen, dangled, laid in the cage, laid in a separate container, dangled in a separate container, etc. I even tried feeding her smaller pieces of mouse pinkies in case a whole one was too large for her, but she's started to considerably lose weight. She also hasn't shed since I got her, and supposedly shed a couple of days before I bought her.

    This last week she's stopped moving other than quick trips to get water, and she's been living on the cool side of her tank. I'm really concerned that something is wrong with her, and the breeder has been absolutely no help. After a few weeks of trouble getting her to eat, he stopped contacting me all together, which is making me wonder if maybe she was sick to begin with.

    Is there something wrong husbandry wise, or is she quite possibly sick? This is my first snake, though I've helped care for my roommate's ball python for the last couple of years, and we never had problems like this.
  2. snakedudemally

    snakedudemally New Member

    have you checked her for any parasites check around her mouth for any signs of infection! try and also check the humidity
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  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    How are you measuring the temperatures. A picture of the snake and the enclosure might help.
  4. autumnsdebri

    autumnsdebri Member

    I checked her mouth, which looks fine, and she doesn't have any parasites. The humidity is fine, below 40%.

    As for temps, I'm measuring them with a digital thermometer. I can try to get a picture later tonight.
  5. skelly98

    skelly98 Elite Member

    how do you know it has no parasites? did the vet check? I'd bring a fecal sample to the vet if i were you.
  6. autumnsdebri

    autumnsdebri Member

    I can't bring a fecal as she hasn't pooped since I got her either.
  7. skelly98

    skelly98 Elite Member

    Then how do you know that it has no parasites? Alright, here is what you need to do.

    Look up herp vets in your area, we have a great finder here (link is in my signature), and try to find a vet close to you. Then book an appointment for a general health check and anal swab for checking for parasites, the vet will tell you what to do and give you the necessary materials and medications, if needed.

    Also, where did you get it from? i would call them and inform them about the condition of the animal, as most responsible sellers will compensate for some of the vet money.

    EDIT: sorry, just noticed the thing about the breeder. sorry about that, some people are just jerks.
  8. autumnsdebri

    autumnsdebri Member

    I'll try to get her an appointment. Is there anything I can do in the meantime? I noticed yesterday she appeared to be dehydrated, so I gave her a soak, but she still seems dehydrated again today.
  9. skelly98

    skelly98 Elite Member

    Raising temperatures on the basking spot to about 90-95 would help. But that's all i can think of off the top of my head.

    Also, think twice before soaking next time, we don't want any unnecessary stress on the poor girl.
  10. MostlyBoas

    MostlyBoas Member

    WAny updates? You can take her in for a fecal exam, the vet can squeeze a sample frlm the snake. Is the rosy just a baby? If so, a 10 gallon is too large, try a smaller cage. I use 6 qt shoeboxes for baby rosys...or add multiple small hidespot on the warm and cool end, rosts are a secretive species and must feel secure. The temps sound fine, its ok to put her in a small amount of water if she is dehydrated. Its betterr to have her stress a little than dehydrate, neonate rosys need access to water at all times. Do you know if its a Coastal, Desert, or Baja Rosys? I would try feeding her is a small deli cup, covering her with a paper towel..I would try live, then try braining a pinks. I have bred rosys for years and there is usually one in the litter who is a pain and requires scenting a pink with a lizaed, what concerns me is rapid weight loss which is usually a sign of illness, did you quarantine her away from the rest of your collection. I have had friends lose their entire rosy collections from cryptosporidium.
  11. MostlyBoas

    MostlyBoas Member

    Also, I would keep the warm side at 85 max, the warmer you keep her the faster her metabolism meaning she will detioriate faster. I never let my rosys go above 85-88 except while they are incubating babies then I keep 88-90 max...the cool side always at a steady 75 in summer.
  12. diehardislanders

    diehardislanders Elite Member

    if shes living on the cold side of her tank, she may be trying to hibernate. It is not uncommon for Rosy Boas to go off feed entirely for winters. If she is not loosing weight, then do not panic, but get her to a vet just to cover your bases. Mine went off feed this year for 2 months when my room temp dropped to the low 50's. She has an entire third of her enclosure at 91F but would not use it during this time and retreated to the cold spots. If you feel you need to get her to eat, throw a few lights up, heat up the cage, then when your temps are in the 90's for a day, mist the cage down good. That should stimulate her feeding response. Good luck and keep us posted.
  13. autumnsdebri

    autumnsdebri Member

    She's a baja rosy boa, and I did get her to assist feed for a couple of weeks, but she's stopped again. She seems chronically dehydrated, and she has two hard lumps in her lower abdomen, so I'm trying to get an appointment with a vet. She's finally pooping, which is great, and the poop itself seems watery enough, but her skin is continually getting dry.

    Side note: the lumps are very hard, like small rocks, and don't move very far when pushed. You can also clearly see the lumps in her side.
  14. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

  15. autumnsdebri

    autumnsdebri Member

    Thanks for all of your help guys. Unfortunately I just went to check on her, and she was dead in her tank. Because she had such a hard time eating and everything else from the moment I got her, I'm assuming there was something seriously internally wrong with her.
  16. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Could have been cancer of some sort. With the lumps that would be my guess. And a snake doesnt have enough room in its body for an abcess and still function right.

    Sorry that she passed away.
  17. autumnsdebri

    autumnsdebri Member

    I'm hoping to find another rosy, this time from a more reputable breeder. I believe there's one nearby in Portland, Oregon. Hopefully I'll have better luck.
  18. bucher70

    bucher70 Elite Member

    I'd consider a necropsy for a piece of mind.
  19. MostlyBoas

    MostlyBoas Member

    I'm sorry to hear about your rosy, I recently sold all my breeders and holdbacks. I live in Arizona and its illegal to sell native animals and just gave away all my Arizona rosys. Look on kingnake classifieds there is a lady named Leah, she has some of the nicest looking rosys, she is more money than most breeders but the quality of her stock is nicer than most, John Columbus on fauna is great to deal with.

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