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Need Ideas/help In Choosing Caging For My Babies

Discussion in 'Herp Habitat Construction' started by Bascom, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Bascom

    Bascom Member

    hi, new to the site. I need some advice/ opinions on what would be the best caging source for my pets. I would like it to be stackable, I need the option for UVB/UVA lights for some of my animals, they are terrestial, would like my animals visable.

    Species: bearded dragon, blue tongue skink, tegu, sav mon, water mon

    Ive seen some of the sources like animal plastics, vision etc. would like to know what my options are that also have uvb, a fairly easy to move rack, cost effective, I want them to have about the space of a 45 long for the bts and bearded
    And as much space as possible for my monitors.
    Or if I'd be better off trying to build something myself (no experience btw but this seems to be my favorite/best option since I want it so customized)

    Thanks ahead!
  2. Jacob Eddy

    Jacob Eddy Active Member

    You should really put the monitors in a much bigger enclosure at least 8ftx3ft for the sav and 12ftx3ft for the water the bearded dragon and bts will do good in a 48inx18in the tegu a 5ftx3ft
  3. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, how are you housing the monitors just now and can you put a few photos up of their current enclosures?
  4. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, what size of Asian water monitor is suitable for an enclosure 3 feet (wide and/or tall) the same for a Tegu?
  5. Bascom

    Bascom Member

    I don't think you guys read the post.
    My monitors are currently in large tanks. They are being upgraded they have proper temps and lights, that's not the question though, I know they need large cages.

    Not asking care advice I got that down. If you read the post Im asking for what website is the best to get cages for blue tongues and beardeds.

    I just through my monitors in the post for if anyone knows if they make cages for them. currently they are hatchlings/yearlings in 75 gallons so they got time before they'll need updates
  6. Bascom

    Bascom Member

    If there aren't cages for my monitors. I already know what I'll be building them.

    However if anyone has advice on what website is best to get stackable cages for my bts and beaded..
  7. Bascom

    Bascom Member

    Tegu. I think bare minimum for a tegu is 4.5long by 4 wide by 4 high I personally think that if you can't fit in it then an adult tegu shouldn't be in it. They are prone to obesity and they are extremely intelligent so more space the better
  8. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    A yearling Varanid cannot be called a hatchling, in many cases they will already be sexually mature adults, they should not now be housed in fishtanks, they had probably outgrown those as hatchlings!
    Can you give some details of temps, humidity, diet, etc (just for the sake of asking)?
  9. Bascom

    Bascom Member

    75 gallon? They have plenty of space for the winter. Im planning on moving them outside into make shift dog kennels come spring (ever watch kamp kennen? What he has for Slinky is what I have planned except a little smaller) im really hoping someone can tell me where to buy suitable enclosures for inside though so I rotate them inside on days where we get cold spells

    They have a hot spot with a gradient of 110 moving in increments down to 75- 80 on the cool side with a humidity of about 60-90% depending on the time of day

    My red tegu is a yearling
    My black tegu still has green hes so young
    My water moniter I told was a few months old He's about 8 inches right now
    My savvy isn't even the size of my hand yet.

    Dude I get it Im not giving the best info but I got these animals straight from a reputable breeder who gave everything I do a thumbs up, and were just at the exotics vet.

    Can we focus on my question? I have a plan for my monitors what I really want to update asap is my blue tongues and beardeds as I want to do away with tanks by January
  10. Bascom

    Bascom Member

    In case you didn't notice btw I said hatchlings/ yearlings. So if you stop to think about it I was referring to muiltiple animals meaning they range from a few months old to a year old.
  11. Bascom

    Bascom Member

    My tegus get fed grapes, bananas, f/t mice, rats, chicks, bluey buffet, and live dubias and super worms

    My sav gets fed dubias crickets and super worms as well as something else similiar to bluey buffet but it's just insects (made by the same company but the name evades me) and an occasional pinky

    My water moniter gets fed the same as my sav but I also add fish and shrimp and chicks (f/t)
  12. Bascom

    Bascom Member

    Do you have enough information or would you like me to tell you the brand of hides I use too?

    I did my research before getting my animals and have someone who breeds as a mentor. I do not need two mentors.

    Thank you for the concern though
  13. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Ok back to the original point. Most people who use large caging end up building them themselves. There is very little large caging available commercially and what is available is quite expensive.
  14. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Check out Neodesha Cages, Animal Plastics, Boaphile Cages, Cages By Design, for some ideas.
  15. Bascom

    Bascom Member

    Do you know where I could find someone's blueprint? I don't normally build myself so if I were to make something I wouldn't know what woods were safe, how to make it at least partly see through (don't want them completely numb to the world) etc.
  16. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    It doesnt have to be fancy, just a big wooden box with a glass front. The more enclosed the easier it will be to control heat and humidity. The animals do not suffer not being able to see all around. In fact the enclosed space can make them feel more secure.
    This will give you a few ideas.
    Herpers Toolbox
    Two things to keep in mind. The only 2 woods to steer clear of are melamine, which is basically glued together sawdust, and pressure treated wood because of the chemicals.
    Also the larger cages for monitors including several inches of dirt...are going to be HEAVY! So they need to be reinforced with 2x4s and you don't want them upstairs. I'll let the monitor guys fill in the blanks.

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