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Need help with petco

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by SnakesNCakes, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. SnakesNCakes

    SnakesNCakes Established Member

    Hello all! I need your help. This is unrelated to personal animal assistance, but seeing as how you all love animals as much as I do, I assume you will be glad to help.

    I have of course been to Petco many times, and have seen housing issues, and other issues, with some of their reptiles. (too small of cages, sick animals, too many in one cage etc etc). Now I'm writing an advocacy letter to the ceo of petco, and was wondering if you could help with some personal experiences some of you might of had that I can bring to light in my letter. Thank you all!
  2. SnakesNCakes

    SnakesNCakes Established Member

    OH ALSO, if you could add the location that would help. Thanks guys
  3. TamJam

    TamJam Elite Member

    I've never been to Petco. There's no Petco anywhere near where I live, on a primitive, remote island in the Caribbean. Even if I lived in the USA I would avoid Petco because of all the negative stuff I have read about them. Of course I would probably eventually go there just out of curiosity, to hunt for "bad stuff".:eek:
  4. janie

    janie Member

    I used to work at petsmart- not against this whatso ever I saw some pretty awful stuff while working there, snakes going hungry cuz they didn't have anyone before me that knew how to feed, too big snakes for too small cages, but in their defense they only have so much storage available so if a snake doesn't sell there's only so much they can do in terms of cage space. I ended up buying one snake from my store right before I quit in hopes to save her because she was so unbelievably under weight and I'm having the hardest time getting her healthy. The only thing that will solve the problem with these stores is not allowing them to sell them because regardless of how hard they may try to fix all the problems like I did in my store, there's only so much you can do while still operating under store rules and supplies.
  5. KelloggCornsnakes

    KelloggCornsnakes Established Member

    Petco is terrible, probably worse than Petsmart, but it's not the workers' faults, it's the rules they're forced to follow.

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