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Need Help Finding Exotic Pet Friendly Housing In Corpus Christi, Tx

Discussion in 'Help *General*' started by Moop515, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Moop515

    Moop515 New Member

    Hello! So my family and I are going to be moving to Corpus soon, and I want to get my first exotic pet when I get there but the military base we are considering moving to has a ban on all reptiles, so I want to know if there is anyone here who knows of quality housing such as apartment complexes or rental homes near the Naval Base that have space and are exotic-pet friendly or can be negotiated with.
  2. matthewgroskopf

    matthewgroskopf Active Member

    I'd consider the fact that you might be constantly moving, while you may be able to keep the animal for as long as your family members contract is, you might have to move after 3-4 years constantly.. Once your family settles out of the military into a forever home you should focus on that then.

    - ex army armor tank commander.
  3. Moop515

    Moop515 New Member

    We don't know my dad is almost at 20 years and I'm a few years from out of the house

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