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Need Help. Aggressive CRB

Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by Jango501, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Jango501

    Jango501 New Member

    hey guys. im a snake lover that has recently been having trouble with his CRB... im new to the whole rainbow boa thing so any help would be cool. My girls name is koko, shes 6.5 months old. I got her from a local pet store that is supplied by breeders and Ive only had her for 2.5 weeks, she likes to watch dragon ball z ironically, and shes eating small mice. ok so now that u know the snake, ive done some research but cant seem to figure out my terrarium enclosure. I have 2 hide boxes, one on the cool side and one on the hot side, made out of 2 halves of an egg carton. I also have a tupperware container in the middle filled with beaked moss and very wet. the cold side gets about 75f and the hot side 84-90f. my heatlamp is basically laying ontop of my screen top and the water bowl is halfway between the hot side and midrange. The humidity is tough, im using coconut husk substrate (the messy coffee grounds kind) and it seems to do really awesome with holding in moisture, and I empty an entire 24oz bottle of purified water every 2 days in misting the terrarium, but my humidity guage which is on the cold side always reads like 70%. i have a screen top and have tried covering the top up with a towel, (only abt 3/4 of the terrarium though due to the lamp) but to no avail. it just seems to make it alot hotter in there. about a week after i got her though, she shed perfectly so maybe its ok? my snake never uses the hide boxes, but prefers to go under the substrate at all times. does that mean shes stressed? when I got her i left her alone for 2 days but maybe that wasnt long enough? Also shes a bit nippy, although i hear thats normal with CRBs when they are young. but I used to have a wild caught kingsnake, and he never bit me. it was my first snake so i used gloves the first time i picked him up, he bit me 2 times then stopped and never did it again the rest of his life! koko has been getting better since handling her every day, but when shes not being held shes a different snake, she still strikes at me every time i try to pick her up. no bites yet though ^.^b
    so my question is, is it a bad idea to habituate the snake out of biting by encouraging it to bite? for example, picking it up from the top instead of the sides, gently touching the snake close to its head, (with gloves on of course) or something like that so it realizes that biting produces no results? I dont want to stress koko out, shes a really good snake, but my lady-friend is terrified of snakes... and i want koko to make a good first impression. any ideas for successful habituation?
  2. pandorasbox

    pandorasbox Elite Member

    I would give her some time and be gentle with her and not encourage her to bite. That will only make her not trust you and stress her out. Make her realize that biting produces no results by staying calm and not reacting. I would suggest covering with something non-porous like plastic, glass, aluminum foil, etc. I think the towel would soak up some of the humidity. But if it's 70% on the cool side it is probably higher on the warm side.
  3. Jango501

    Jango501 New Member

    hey thanks alot for responding so quickly man! I will try all that. that answers most of my questions but does anyone know why my snake would hide under the substrate instead of using her hide boxes? is that normal?
  4. diehardislanders

    diehardislanders Elite Member

    It is perfectly normal for snakes to go under substrate, that is why most of us choose substrates that are so easily burrowed into. It is something about the coco fiber (eco earth) in particular I believe. Whenever I introduce it to one of my snakes, the snake dives into it and moves wherever he wants under it.
  5. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    It's also possible that the hides are not to the snake's liking. Most snakes like their hides tight and cozy. If the space inside the hides is too big the snake may not feel secure.
  6. diehardislanders

    diehardislanders Elite Member

    I had this problem and fixed it by putting saphgum moss, stones, and bark inside of my hides to crowd the space a little.

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