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National Geographic Terrarium Reviews?

Discussion in 'HH General Discussion' started by AZgeckos, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. AZgeckos

    AZgeckos Member

    Well ONE OF THESE DAYS I will actually be a more active member of this forum! I love it! But my job keeps me absurdly busy. With limited time, I have a choice of either taking care of my reptiles each day, or just posting about them on the forum haha I don't think anyone will disagree with my choice.

    But I'm doing a quick post because I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the new(ish) National Geographic terrariums? In particular, the 16x16x24 arboreal?
    I have two crested geckos. Both males. I would be getting one for each of them separately.

    (A pet store told me, "here, take these geckos, they have lived together so far and they are friends! Use this 20 gallon long tank, it will do great." I think we all know where that led to.... Needless to say that was me learning my lesson about doing my OWN research. Luckily neither gecko was injured, but certainly stressed out.)

    SO, for about a year now I have kept my geckos in separate storage bin setups. Which has been great. They retain humidity, they have plenty of room to jump around, their temperament is great, etc. Except... I miss them! I find that it is just not as fun when I can't catch the occasional glimpse of them. They used to be surprisingly active now and then during the daytime. Also I would like to give them more VERTICAL space. So I am looking to scale up their habitats.

    I was considering the exo terra terrariums because they seem like a reliable staple for reptile keepers. But the 12x12x18 just seems.... way too small for an adult gecko. I know that people do it, but I just feel like it would be too cramped. The 18x18x24 would be my choice, but getting two of them is EXPENSIVE. So then I saw the NatGeo 16x16x24. It is cheaper by about $20-$30 so with two of them I could save a good amount of money. But ALSO, I just like the looks of them much better! As a matter of fact, all of the NatGeo decor products (for herps and for fish) are absolutely stunning.

    But this is a big purchase for me so I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with these terrariums?
  2. AZgeckos

    AZgeckos Member

    And btw, I plan to make the purchase sometime next week. Or... maybe tomorrow if I can't wait haha Depends on work, as always.
    I want to create a setup using the hydro-ball (is that what they're called?) draining layer, then screen, then dirt/moss/leaf litter... all that good stuff.
    Probably some live pathos plants and schefflera arboricola (umbrella trees) as well since I keep those in my home anyway. And if I have the time, a custom background (one of these days I will post photos of the custom habitat I made for my leo!!!) Never done a setup like this before so I am excited! Been researching the HECK out of it. Probably going to get some of these supplies from Josh's frogs. Seems like a fantastic source to me.
  3. AZgeckos

    AZgeckos Member

  4. Sara27

    Sara27 New Member

    I have one.
    I think it was worth the money.
    I also have an exoterra.
    The Exo is sturdier, since it is siliconed together and shipped as one piece.
    The Nat Geo has to be assembled.
    My only beef with the Nat Geo is that my doors are sometimes a bit hard to open. They really should have designed them with a handle to pull them open with.
    I got mine while Petsmart was having a big clearance sale on them, and now I wish I had bought more of them.

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