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Mystery Tree Frog

Discussion in 'Field Herping' started by troymclure, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. troymclure

    troymclure Elite Member

    saw this guy sitting outside my door tonight. i thought he was a toad at first because of his rough skin, but its definitely a tree frog.


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  2. venus

    venus Founding Member

    Very cute little guy :D
  3. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    What part of the U.S. are you in?
    It looks like an Eastern/Copes Grey.
  4. troymclure

    troymclure Elite Member

    im in louisiana. just north of new orleans.
  5. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    Hmm... I'm not really sure. Cope's and greys look almost identical, and they usually share the same range. They're practically the same though.
    Cool find!

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